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How to choose your Groom attire for your big day to look handsome

Look handsome on your Wedding day, and impress every one out there present at your Wedding. This would make you the most handsome Groom ever!

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You would have been planning for your big day a lot, so that every thing goes perfect and properly planned. For your special day to be even more perfect, don’t you think you should look perfect too, so that people do not just compliment the Wedding arrangements, but compliment you too? It is your Wedding day; get ready to be all decked up, so that there would be a flood of compliments from the guests, that would make you feel on top of the world. Paramveer will give you some tips about choosing your Wedding attire for your special day, so that you look really handsome!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Select a dress according to your body

The first and the most important thing to remember and do before choosing your Wedding attire would be to check, whether it suits well on your body or not. Every individual has a different body type, and every thing would not suit every one. There are particular fits that would look good on your body, and you need to be alert enough to know what they are. Selecting the best outfit with the best fit for your Wedding day, would just take you to a whole new level, and would not stop you from being dashing and handsome than ever before. Know about how you can enjoy your big day, and also how you can prepare for it!

Get the outfit that you are comfortable in

Getting outfits of the perfect fit is worth it only if you are comfortable in it. If you get an attire in which you look good and the attire looks very smart, and at the same time, you are not really comfortable in it, then there is no point buying that attire. Just to show it to the people, that you have a good choice does not mean that you would compromise with your comfort. You need to make sure that you are comfortable enough in what ever you are selecting, and also make sure that it looks good on you. You can check out Wedding attires from Arjun Khanna’s collection. These are definitely very comfortable, and would make you look very handsome too!

savePhoto: Arjun Khanna.
Photo: Arjun Khanna.

Accessorize your outfit

Selecting an attire in which you are comfortable and the one that looks good, is what every Groom wishes for. Isn’t right? Well, once you have finally bought your attire, the best way to look even more handsome would be to accessorize your outfit. No, this is nothing like women’s accessories; they are just too heavy and too much! Men attire accessories are some thing that are very elegant and graceful, and give a very charming look to the Groom. Accessories like bow, tie, and cuff-lings would look just great if you are wearing a suit. If you are wearing a sherwani, then you can accessorize it with a royal chain, matching turban, and small sword that almost every Groom carries with him at the time of marriage. Just like accessorizing your self, don’t you think you must accessorize your Wedding as well? For this, you can contact Fresh Knots for an amazing piece of work. This would create an amazing back drop for clicking photographs as well.

savePhoto: Fresh Knots.
Photo: Fresh Knots.

Get graceful shoes

When every single thing that you wear on your Wedding day is going to be graceful so that you look handsome, your shoes should not be left behind at all. Wearing graceful shoes definitely increases your standard without any doubt, and you can impress every one and any one at your Wedding. Most of the Indian people judge the other persons over the type of footwear that they are wearing. So, if you wear some thing very graceful and elegant, then you would directly hit their top list, with amazing shoes on your feet. This would make you look and feel even more handsome than before! For the accessories if you are wearing a suit, you can refer to the collection of bow and tie, that would really blow the mind of your guests. This would make you look extremely handsome.

Match with your partner

You can also select an attire that would match the attire of your partner. This is some thing that is not common, and some thing that looks really good as well. Later in life when you look at your Wedding photographs, you would see how beautifully color coordinated you two were, and every thing would look just mind-blowing, may it be in the photographs or reality. This would be a really good option to go for. Just in case you are confused about where you want your Wedding to take place, then you can contact Le Meridien for an amazing experience. This would make your day a whole lot better!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

These tips would make you look even more handsome than you already are, and would also make you excited enough because it is your WEDDING! So buckle up and find the best attire that would look just the best on you, may it be Western or Indian! Look dashing on your Wedding day, and impress every one out there!

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