How to look dashing on your Wedding day

Your Wedding day is a very special day. Make sure you know the tips to look dashing on that very same day!

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It is your Wedding day, and you would obviously wish to look the best of what you are on that very special day. For you to look your best, you must ensure that you go through a proper grooming. This would not only make you look dashing, but also make you feel handsome, and have a good feeling about your own self. It is not only the Bride that needs all the pampering, but you require it too! Neytra would give you tips about how you can look breath-taking on your Wedding day.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography.
Photo: Neytra Photography.

Classy hairstyle


That one thing that always gives a classy look on your personality is definitely the type of hairstyle that you have. It being your Wedding, you must make sure that you have a decent, yet a very classy hairstyle, that does not really look odd in front of so many people. You must be updated about the latest trends, so that people know that you are modern. Years later, the hairstyle that would have on your Wedding may not be in the trend, and would also come under the ‘retro’ category. Then, you would have a lot to cherish while looking at your Wedding photographs. Just like your looks, your attire is important as well. Make sure you read the tips about how to select your Wedding outfit, to look really handsome!

Perfect Wedding outfit

More than any thing else, your Wedding outfit is some thing that is the most important thing, EVER! You would not know, but people judge you over what you are wearing on your Wedding day. At least for this purpose, you need to make sure that you select the best outfit for your Wedding day, in order to look extremely dashing and handsome. You can check out outfits from Maahirah, that would really blow your mind away!

savePhoto: Maahirah.
Photo: Maahirah.

Clean shave looks decent

It is true that all men desire to have an amazing beard at some point of time or the other in their lifetime. This craze of beards among men is never ending. But when it comes to functions like Weddings, especially your own Wedding, you must keep in mind that you are supposed to be well groomed, and look really decent. This is because it is not just your family that is going to be present there, but your partner’s family as well. Being decent would get a good impression on them of you, which would in turn be very useful. For this, you can consider having a clean shave done, and there is seriously nothing more decent than this. Having your skin healthy make you glow more! This would help you look fairer and brighter on your special day.

Proper skin care 

You need to keep one thing really clear in mind. It is not just the women who need to take care of their skin, may it be for their Wedding day, or other wise as well. You men must keep your skin protected as well. Men skin is generally rough and tough, and gets dirty easily too. At the same time, it does not get cured very fast, as how the women’s skin does. So for this, you need to take a lot of care of your skin, so that it does not look dull on the special day. Proper attention is required for this to happen, other wise your skin would not be as appealing as it is required to be on your Wedding day. You can have your skin treated at Style Salon, so that you and your skin both get relaxed before the big day!

savePhoto: Style Studio.
Photo: Style Studio.

Shoes that are comfortable

To loo dashing on your Wedding day, you must get shoes that are of your type. Yes, every single individual has a ‘type’, when it comes to shoes. Depending up on their height, the built, the personality, and basically every thing, a man selects his shoes. But when it comes to Wedding shoes, you must make sure that you purchase some thing that fits you perfectly, and that you are comfortable in it. If you are not really comfortable, then you are recommended not to buy that at all. Keeping all this aside, if you want to surprise your partner with some thing right before the Wedding, then a cake would be a great idea. You can try out Sucre for an amazing variety of cakes!

savePhoto: Neytra Photography.
Photo: Neytra Photography.

Make sure that you plan these tips before the Wedding, and not right before the Wedding. They require prior planning! Looking just amazing on your Wedding not just makes you look good, but makes you feel good too! This makes you look good in photos that you and your Wife would cherish down the memory lane. So, it is not important only for your outfit to be on point, but your appearance must be perfect as well. If you are a bit bulky and want to lose weight for your special day, there are some tips by which you can become leaner. This would help to make you look even more dashing!

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