10 ways to keep your skin healthy for your wedding day

Make your skin healthy with these useful tips!

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Do you want nice skin to feel good about? Are you doubting yourself about how your face looks? Wait! as there is no need to rush up but yeah it is about your skin so you need to give extra care to your skin and body. A healthy skin might be a mere dream because of the stressful lifestyle but who said that you will not able to get a healthy skin. It’s just that it need some extra care and through some easy tricks you can get a healthy, glowy skin. Take a spa in an natural environment, experience tranquility and greenery at Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Here we present you the 10 ways to keep your skin healthy!

Have confidence! and drink plenty of water


Drink plenty of water- your skin is made of water so therefore, drinking more water will help your skin. It will not only cleanse your body’s inner dirt but also will get out all the toxins from your body. A hydrated body will never loose the moisture and automatically glow like a flower blossoms.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Try to keep your hair out of your face

Most of the time to prevent dirt and oil from sinking into your pores it is important to tie your hairs. Hairs catch more dust and living in metro cities it is really a tuff task to not go outside from your home so the more you are exposed out of house, the more dust you will get on your hairs. Keep your hairs out of your face to get a acne free skin.

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Photo: Neytra Photography

Avoid touching your face often

Doing this can spread serious bacteria that causes your pores to get irritated from getting on your face. Acne, red rashes and itchyness often happen on our face and skin if we touch our face. The more your hands will away from your face, the more you will have a healthy skin. As we know that mostly our hands have more bacteria’s so avoid touching your face.

Wash your face with face cleansers

Get a mild cleanser or face wash and wash your face with that and wipe it either with cotton balls or a hand towel. Don’t rub your face just gently wipe it.

Wash your face before you go to bed, and after you get up in the morning

Before you go to bed, splash warm water and cold water on your skin. Don’t ever sleep with the makeup because we need to breathe and so our skin too. Skin also breathe and if it is clean and clear then our skin’s life will get some more years to live healthy. Don’t forget to see The 15 Best app of Beauty, Fashion and Fitness to Your Daily Life

Apply Honey

Honey can also help with keeping your skin smooth; do this by applying honey onto your face for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water for opening and closing pores. Remember it shouldn’t be last more than 15 mins. You can even take a spa for a healthy skin and relaxed body.

savePhoto Source: Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort
Photo Source: Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort

Wash your pillow cases often.

Doing this can prevent breakouts (Acne) towards your skin and you will get enough good sleep.

For better results when you expose yourself to water on your face let the liquid air dry

There can be a bacteria on the towel you use to dry your face. You can also use cotton balls instead of towel. Don’t forget to clean your face with face wipes as who knows if water is always available to you or not but if you carry face vipe in your handbag , it would be a good idea. Exercise is also good and dancing is a good way of exercising!

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Always apply sunscreen

Our skin is very sensitive and sunrays are harmful to our skin. Don’t forget to go outside without applying sunscreen on your face. SPF 15 and SPF 30 are the minimal amount which your sunscreen should carry in it.


Living in this era is a tuff task and if you think that what we are eating is pure and healthy then it is just a myth. Get some multivitamins and food supplements for a healthy skin.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Always feel good about yourself and feel positive too. The more positivity you will encounter in your life, the more your life will become healthy. Eat, sleep, pray, exercise repeat! perfect combo Isn’t it!! Also see How to get leaner before your wedding.

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