How to Get Leaner Before Your Wedding

Be Beautiful, with these effective tips and get your perfect desired lean and toned body before wedding. Let your husband go mad for you! Be a Bikini babe.

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Wedding means full of enjoyment, rituals, celebrations, food, shopping and bad eating habbit too. Yes, we cannot ignore the fact that during wedding season we gain extra kilos. Because during wedding time boiled vegetables, cardio and hours of sleep was replaced by heavy meals, party night and long sitting hours. Reasons are many but what it yield to us is more stress and anxiety. Stress occurs due to lack of sleep, low apetite, hormonal imbalance, street food, tiredness due to shopping, more intake of caffeine. Anxiety occurs because everyone wants to have a perfect wedding but we as humans have a tendency of imperfection or mistakes. Through it we got scared, many times bride’s are afraid of their wedding dress that whether they would be able to wear it or not, as they had putted on some extra kilos, how they will look to their wedding album- as they had gain extra weight so there would be chances of double chin.

Below are some useful tips for the beautiful bride’s to get a perfect bikini body:-

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Photo: Neytra Photography

1. Goodbye stress

Returning to work is like a marathon which only give leg cramps. The work builds up, head get saturated energy and you probably follow head soak, have to overcome the chaos and return to the routine with the batteries installed. Do not get stressed, anyone get confusing to work after a month in a parallel reality. One thing which you really have to understand is you haven’t taken the charge of everything and everyone, so just relax! Most important thing in life is a ‘a healthy life full of happiness’ everyone in your surrounding is already tensed and stressed so try not to give company to them. Try to make a state of tranquility in your body as well as mind, trust me your body will give thanks to you. How to relax before your wedding day: 5 steps

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Photo: Neytra Photography

 2. Diet

One thing which plays a major role in getting a perfect body is diet. Couples take diet casually, their preferences has changed as per the trend. Nowadays everyone likes junk food or street food which tastes good but affect our health. During the hectic shopping hours couples go for pizzas, burger, caffeine. They rely on the instant food which creates blunder towards their health. So if you want to have a lean and toned body start your day with breakfast i.e. milk, egg, cornflakes, bread-jam-butter, fruits, juice, baked toast. You can even go for parantha’s, idli, poha, uttapam chill it won’t affect your body in adverse manner. Don’t skip your lunch even if your stomach is full try to have rice and daal or any curry with curd. If you feel you can’t take dinner then this time you can replace it with soup or salads. Try to take small meals in 6 parts, you can have snacks in evening.

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Photo: Caara

3. Exercise

Eat less and healthier isn’t enough to feel 100% perfect. Accompanying a balanced diet with physical activity, the result will be faster and more effective. In this sense, there are more specific and more general exercises techniques. Both are effective. The first, we present a small ritual practices to make everyday for 10 minutes. It consists the exercises like funds, squats, triceps, abs inverted table, splits and burpee. After its completion, you should repeat the series and increase the pack over time. The result is surprising and can be done at home. Second we propose train three days a week, reversing a time of between 30 and 60 minutes. All the exercises mentioned below are intresting at this point, in addition to jogging, body pump, zumba or like in the gym. We also recommend practicing group sports, such as tennis, basketball, volleyball and paddle. We also recommend you to do yoga and meditate for atleast 30 minutes. It will give you a flexible and toned body with a calm mind and glow to your skin and your innerpeace. How to fight those Wedding nerves: Expert Advice Dr.Manjula Bhati.

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Photo: Neytra Photography

4. Keep your body hydrated with water

Water is essential for humans, we agree and we can’t refuse from it. Water is one of the four elements, the material that fills your pool, the main ingredient for ice for your mixed drinks and yes, one of the great companions for you to regain your line. The absence of water in the body adds to the lack of exercise, the intake of fats and salts and elimination of fiber in our meals. The end result is clear: fluid retention. Do not panic, the only solution is back to drinking water, the same amount that you should have drunk during the rest of the year. One should take atleast 8 litre water in a day.

savePhoto: Neytra PhotographyLearn more about “Photo: Neytra Photography”
Photo: Neytra Photography
savePhoto: Neytra PhotographyLearn more about “Photo: Neytra Photography”
Photo: Neytra Photography

Try these tips, enjoy your wedding with the perfect figure. Feeling good about oneself must be paramount forever. The important thing is you and your life, do not forget.

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