How to fight those Wedding nerves: Expert Advice Dr.Manjula Bhati

Put aside your wedding nerves and focus on the happy days!

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Here we have Dr. Manjula Bhati with her extensive experience in Health and Yoga association, at the same time she is  also a counselor for brides who suffer from stress before their wedding day. She says ” it is not a problem, it is acceptable that girls get stressed by overthinking about new things, new relationships, being a part of a new family and many more things”. It is totally normal to let your nerves get the best of you before your big day! If you didn´t let your nerves get the best of you, that would probably be more strange. However, it is worthwhile to take a few steps to calm down and relax, so you don´t stress yourself out too much before your big day. I will be talking about ways to calm your nerves, you will find that your wedding plans will be more precise if you approach things with a calm attitude.

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Good food


As per the famous fine dining caterer Eleven Course and Dr. Manjula Bhati recommend that “good food good taste good life. You should have natural fruits and seasonal fruits because it gives stamina and strength”. You should make sure that you are not skipping meals, as during the run up to all the events you will need to have as much energy as possible. It is important to eat healthily and to maintain your daily routine. In addition to this, you should eat foods which are rich in vitamins. Vitamin B5 and C are allies that protect you from the “external attacks”. Stress can lead to muscle aches and pain, to avoid this you should eat foods with vitamin B6 such as whole grains or nuts. Finally, mineral contribution is essential to keep the body in tune to cope with stress. Potassium, zinc and magnesium are three essential minerals which are needed for the formation of hormones such as insulin, aldosterone.

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Natural Medicine

Dr. Manjula Bhati states that “the best advice for any bride is to avoid drastic changes to her diet as they can really affect her hormones”. You can either choose to get professional help such as acupuncture or herbal medicine, herbs and plants treatment centre. When you do things as such as acupuncture, specialist energy flows through you unblocking energy point’s higher stagnation. As for herbal medicine, plants (according to their mode of action) they have a mild effect and are prolonged without side effects and without harming the body. Those that produce a sedative or tranquillising effect are Melissa or Valerian.

Physical exercise

In addition to eating well and undergoing the correct treatments. A great unmatched makeup artist Ambika Pillai suggests that make up is very important for any bride but at the same time physical exercises is needed to look bring out your natural beauty on your wedding day. Dr. Bhati says ” Yoga always works better than anything else as it gives you energy to handle everything with care”. You should always remember to stay fit and healthy. Exercise helps to relieve the build up of stress and gives you peace of mind to relax. A fit and healthy person is more likely to not cave into the pressure of organising a wedding than one who doesn´t engage in any physcial activites.

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Eliminate unnecessary commitments

When planning a wedding, it is likely that you will feel bombarded with several different appointments and tasks to adhere to. These appointments are additional to the ones you may already have for the planning of the main wedding day. Make sure you avoid things that stress you out, this is your special day don´t ruin it with unnecessary commitments.

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Make sure you have help from  your friends and family. Don´t feel shy to ask them for help, they love you and want this day to go as perfect as it can for you, so give them tasks do complete which will help you out. Chances are they will love being a part of your special day and you will have less stress and anxiety.

Schedules and punctuality

According to our expert advice from Dr. Bhati, she suggests that you should always stick to a schedule when it comes to food, yoga and fruits which results in your punctuality. Sometimes you need to go with the flow and not plan every moment. By all means, plan all the important details, however when it comes to the other little details, you should simply let them fall into place themselves. Another good tip is to keep a detailed diary, so if you do happen to forget something, you can always refer back to it.

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“There is nothing more important than rest therefore, sometimes you need to seperate yourself from the hussle and bussle and just chill” Dr. Bhati said. If you have difficulty with sleeping you can find a pillow that fits your body, dim the lights and listen to some soothing music, you´d be surprised how relaxing this is. Close your eyes and savour these calm moments in the runup to the wedding.

Just enjoy your special day!

Trying to please everyone is very difficult on a daily basis, so of course at such a big event it will be twice as hard. However if you just do what you want and makes you happy, I am sure those attending will be happy for you and your partner.

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Photo: Knottydays.

The pace of organizing the wedding, appointments, calls, control or lack of control … Everything can generate a stressful situation that will end up impacting your health, but do not let it ruin such a wonderful day. Analyse what is happening and come to a solution, leaving aside stress or anxiety!

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