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  • How to get your guests off their phones during your ceremony!

How to get your guests off their phones during your ceremony!

Impress your guests with your Wedding style, and make them forget their mobiles!

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Looking at the present time, it is pretty obvious that every body is addicted to their mobile phones. The existance of many social networking sites have changed the lives of the people, and are really addicted to it. People have a habit of posting everything there and there, so that the other people know about the fun that they are having. Now the thing is, how would the people be mentally present during your ceremony and not look at their mobile phones again and again, right? We spoke to Lensight Photography regarding this, and this is what they had suggested regarding the same!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

Trust the best professionals


It is very obvious that you would be investing a bomb for making your Wedding a really grand one, so that it turns out to be a really good experience for you and the guests who would be attending it. You would be hiring the best photographer, as they are ultimately responsible for capturing each and everything that has been happening around in the Wedding. They also have the best training to capture the perfect moments, and not miss out on anything. It is not just the photographer that you are going to hire, to make your Wedding amazing. There are many others required like a Wedding planner, caterer, and many other. You just can not compromise on these areas, as they are the essential ones to make your Wedding day the best one!

Live the present moment without worries

Marriage is not just the union of the Bridal couple, but the union of the two families who love each other. May it be an Indian Wedding, or any other Wedding, it is known that marriage is not only about a Bride marrying a Groom, but their families marrying each other. There are some people in today’s time, who just do not understand the worth of enjoying that exact moment. All they think about is clicking pictures, taking videos, and making memories. But the question is, what would they do with these memories later, if they had not enjoyed those moments themselves? Those memories will be totally pointless. All you have to do is, make sure that you plan the ceremony in such a way, that people don’t even get the time to look at their gadgets, and totally involve themselves in the ceremony.

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

Make the guests put their mobile phones away

In some Weddings, the Bridal couple chooses to create strategies to achieve the concentration of all the guests. This is pretty common that once the ceremony has started, all the guests must put their mobile phones in a box that has been organised by the people themselves, so that the guests completely involve themselves in the Wedding, and not get distracted by any other thing that comes up. It is the best decision. This way, the guests listen, interact, and focus on what is happening in the ceremony. Creativity chooses the best environments to recreate the best images, and to achieve the best frozen frames, to finally tell and relive the great love story that they have witnessed.

Organize your guests

Every thing is a matter of order. It is very difficult to forbid someone to use their camera or phone, because come on, it is their right to use their own gadgets, isn’t it? But you also want them to enjoy your Wedding, because it is them for whom you would be investing a lot of money, so that they would enjoy it, and remain entertained. The gadgets hypnotize the people without any doubt, and distract them from what ever they are doing, in a matter of a few seconds. So, you need to organize your guests in such a way, that they have no chance of getting bored and get distracted by the pings that they get from the social media. Instead, the must involve themselves in the ceremony!

savePhoto: Lensight Photography.
Photo: Lensight Photography.

Keeping your guests engaged is the best way through which you can make them attend your ceremonies with more concentration and focus, so that they enjoy that very moment, that is special for you, and would be special for them as well. Make your guests believe that if photos is all they want, then they would get it when the ceremonies are over, as you would hire the best photographer, who would not miss even a single memorable thing in the Wedding. You can also find out about the latest Wedding Trends, so that you have the chance of keeping your guests more entertained!

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