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How To Invite Your Guests With the Best Invitation Cards!

Invite the guests in style, and make it the best Wedding that they have been to!

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The families for the Bridal couple have to work extremely hard for making a Marriage an extremely successful event. There are major responsibilities that each member has to go through to make it a success, and therefore are appreciated by everyone towards the end. Indian Weddings are really respected, as it involves not just the commitment of the Bride and the Groom, but their families as well. But with this, the guests who attend the Wedding are respected as well. In fact, these are the ones who are respected the most. Inviting people with normal invitation cards has become too mainstream, and it requires some modification in the Weddings of the recent and upcoming times. Now you must be thinking as to How to Invite Your Wedding Guest Impressively, right? The best idea would be to refer to a professional invitation designer, so as to get the best results. You can go through the Top 10 Wedding Invitation Card Designers for the same.


There are many ways with which you can impress your guests with your Wedding Invitations and totally convince them to come to your Wedding!

savePhoto: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Color of the invitation

An invitation card does not look appealing, unless and until it has a good color combination. Abstract colors look good no doubt, but not always and NEVER in such big events. You have to be extremely professional for such things, as it is going to be distributed to a huge mass and not just a few people! Design Dimensions have a really good collection of the Wedding Invitations, that would never fail to impress any guest!

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.


People love it when they are surprised with something. Why not surprise them with a few goodies and make them even more happy? The goodies can include personalized hand-written messages from the Groom or the Bride to the special people in their life, may it be their best friends or very close family members. This will not just make their day, but also bring tears of happiness to their eyes after having experienced a really sweet gesture!

Photo story

Invitations with photo stories are really unique! You can use this concept to tell people in short about how you both met, and how the things have come to a big decision of Marriage. In Indian Weddings, there are people who don’t know whose marriage they are going to attend, especially the kids, as it is a tradition to call the entire family, even the distant ones. So, to tell them more about yourself and to explain it without words, you can have a beautiful visual presentation of the two of you and bring a smile on the viewer’s face!

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.


Everyone has a sweet tooth. There is no one who does not like chocolates! So why not use this idea and merge it with your invitation cards? Indians believe that you should always start something new by eating something sweet. This sweet idea is going to be remembered by everyone and people will remember you with each bite they take and look forward to attend your wedding!

Separate invites for every function

Having separate invites for every function is convenient for the guest to understand everything. There are just too many functions when it comes to Indian Weddings. So, putting everything together in to just one invitations will just create a major chaos! Different invites look really graceful and would create no trouble at all.

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.

Invitations according to the theme

Nowadays, there are many marriages that are being set up according to a theme! It has somewhat become a trend. the themes can include Floral, Beach, Bollywood, and what not! You can also refer to What Can be the Themes for Your Wedding for the same. These invitations give an idea to the guests about how amazing the Wedding is going to be, and what are the preparations that they are supposed to do regarding their dress-up for the same! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Weddings are not something that are to be taken lightly. So, the more you work on it, the more and better results you will get. Guests are one of the main part of the Weddings. So why not invite them with a style and impress them with the same!

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