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How to throw the best wedding party at your place

Party in itself is a opponent of stress and tensions. So feel free and live in the moment. Once the moment is gone it ain't coming back.

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The key to throwing a wedding party without adding any stress is to have an event that involves family and friends, a grand one or the simple one is your choice . The biggest benefits of organising one is that it’ll make your wedding even better if everyone has already had the chance to get to know each other.By the grind of having multiple expert advises ” a wedding party is a trend now a days and a must to know the guests or people going to attend your wedding better”. So definitely consider one if you’re planning a destination wedding and have a lot of guests coming in from out of town or you have a lot of different groups of friends and families together for the first time. . Here’s how to pull it off.  Top 5 ideas for bachelor party. 

savePhoto: pixelstory.in.
Photo: pixelstory.in.

Choose the day


A wedding party will make your guests feel involved in the wedding activities from the moment they arrive and give you the chance to spend extra quality time with friends and family. Usually the party is held the night before the wedding so let the guests know about it before so there is no travelling tiredness. The idea is that guests drop in when they can and stay as long as they want. How to be perfect on your wedding day.

Choose a location

Just about any venue will work (including the bar in the hotel your guests are staying at or a friend’s or family member’s home), as long as it’s big enough to fit everyone on your guest list comfortably. Look for a place with some built-in decor and at least a few chairs and tables so your guests have a place to put down their drinks. Live it large rather than making it look one. Ramada Encore Domlur Jaipur is the kind of you would like to organise your party at. Big names goes with great service. They’ll make you feel every penny spent  worthy. Top 5 wedding banquet halls in bengaluru.

savephoto: Ramada Encore Bangalore.
photo: Ramada Encore Bangalore.

Invite list

Wedding parties are a fairly new wedding tradition. The most important thing is that all of your guests should be invited to the party. Excluding guests from it will definitely make them feel left out. Even if your party is geared toward making out-of-towners feel at home, your guests who live nearby will also appreciate the chance to spend some time with you in a less formal setting. Design Dimensions are one of the best invitation card designers. They’ll get you the exact kind of cards as you want no matter what ever the ocassion be. Top 8 wedding card designers in mumbai.

savePhoto: Design Dimensions.
Photo: Design Dimensions.

Sharing details

If you’re keeping it casual, you really don’t need to print and send separate invitations . Instead, you could add info on an enclosure card in the invitation, put the details on your wedding website or send an email. You could even let guests know once they arrive with a note left in their rooms along with the welcome bag, or spread the word through your bridal party.

Provide refreshments

If you’re inviting guests to a wedding-related event, then you (or whomever chooses to host) should provide guests some refreshments. A wedding party is a casual event and a sit-down meal isn’t expected. You could mix a theme into the drinks and menu, like a celebration complete with margaritas and mini tacos. There’s also nothing wrong with keeping it classic with one signature cocktail or just wine and beer (as well as non-alcoholic options, like softdrinks) and a spread filled with simple but yummy foods, like chips and dip or homemade cookies. Hrrb caterers are one of the best in delhi and masters of providing quality food with phinominal taste, the one you’ll simply remember. Top 8 wedding cateres in Mumbai.

savePhoto: Hrrb caterers.
Photo: Hrrb caterers.


Entertainment is the most important thing for a party if it’s not entertaining eventually party gets boring.This is what going to make the difference. One simply cannot imagine a wedding party without music. Dj’s for sure can make that happen add groves and make your party a blasting one. A day that sets you off for the big day.According to our expert DJ Ravish “There are some people who just listen to music, but there are some personalities that live, eat and die on music” .  He is a well know person in this field , he can make your party a blasting one. He is an artist who is dedicated towards his profession and customer. Top 10 wedding DJs in Mumbai for your dance ceremony.

savePhoto: DJ Ravish.
Photo: DJ Ravish.


Now the final fact is thet eveyone wants to look perfect ,whom so ever he/she be. But whats gonna set you apart is the makeup. Makeup is one think and finishing is another. Every other woman out there is going to do that but if you choose to go for a professional , benefit is all yours. Style ‘n’ Scissors are a big name and they are expertise in what they do. Making you look above the rest is their way of work. Top 5 bridal makeup artists in Mumbai.

savePhoto: Style n Scissors.
Photo: Style n Scissors.

So , the final words are that the ocassions and your loved ones matter the most, just go out there feel free to express yourself and don’t forget to enjoy and rest will go with the flow.

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