How to be Perfect on your Wedding Day

Every Bride wants to look the best in her Wedding and has been planning for it since forever. So here, get to know about how to look your best!

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Every girl has Wedding plans in her mind since childhood. No one can ever be more excited than a Bride on the Wedding Day, as that could be her dream come true. She wishes for a perfect Wedding and it means a lot to her. She also wants to look nothing less than a Princess on the final day. But it is not that easy to look like a Princess and to be appreciated for your attire or your final outcome. She must look out for a few things that would help her bring out the best in her and feel special.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.Learn more about “Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.”
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

Relaxed body


With all the functions that you have attended or yet to attend, you must be really exhausted. You need to get the required amount of sleep, so that you can avoid the filthy dark circles on your Wedding and look really tired. Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, so that you can be fresh enough to do anything that is required. Also, try to relax. With all the tensions around your head, you should avoid being stressed out. Just take a few deep breaths to feel better. Just smile all your worries away! Have a routine workout as well, so that you can look fit and fabulous on your Wedding. For a toned body at your wedding, you might want to go through How to Get Leaner Before Your Wedding to get the rough idea about how it should be done.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography.


You can go through various magazines or blogs to get a rough idea of what you want to wear on your Wedding or the previous functions as well, if you do not have anything in mind. These can let you figure out about what would look good on you, and can also find out your taste in these dresses. You can also find out about the various designers who are perfect for your Wedding dress like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Shivani Jain.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography.

Keep it safe

Once you purchase your Wedding dress, make sure you keep in a safe area because it is really expensive. Keeping it safe would help you out for two reasons. One, it would keep it away from all the people around so that you can surprise them with the amazing dress you bought. Two, it would keep it away from all the people who have major chances to destroy it unknowingly, like the kids. It is better you keep them inside a zipper bag. If your wedding falls in the winter season, then you must go through What to Wear to a Winter Wedding for something really exciting.

Buy accessories later

Once you are done with the dress shopping, it is time to buy the accessories! Avoid buying them before you buy the dress, so that it does not have a chance to go for a toss. Purchase the shoes and the jewellery after you have selected the dress, so that you can impress everyone and look gorgeous on your Wedding with the perfectly matching accessories. But just make sure you do not overdo them. In addition to that, there are a variety of jewellery to choose from here, and get an idea about what you would prefer according to your outfit and you can also select the type of shoes that you would want to wear on your Wedding.

Plan your hair and make-up

A Bride does not need just the dress, accessories and shoes to look gorgeous; there are many other things like perfect make-up and hair-do. You can hire a professional, especially a women as a stylist. It helps you to be less stressed out about your appearance, and makes you look the best. Don’t go too dramatic with your hair and make-up; let your stylist decide about what would look the best on you Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi. Go through style magazines if you require. Also, practice your look with a trial before finally putting it on, so that you know what is going to be on you, on your Wedding.

savePhoto: Nishith Dayal Photography.Learn more about “Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.”
Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

Hire a professional photographer

After all the hard work done on the dress, shoes, accessories, make-up and hair-do, a Bride would always want to look her best in the photographs so that when she looks up to them in the future, she would be delighted. So hiring a professional Photographer would help you having the best photographs, as he would know how to make you pose, and how the photographs can turn out to be great with Top 12 best wedding photographers in Delhi.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography.

A girl always looks forward to being a Bride when she grows up, with the man of her dreams. She would always want to look the best standing next to the one. Following these tips would help you to the best and have a great time at your Wedding. If you are really confused about the color that you want to wear on your final day, then you can follow How to Choose Colors for the Wedding Dresses to be sure enough about the same.

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