How to look stunning in beautiful outfit on your dream day

All you brides-to-be, ready to tie the knots, prepare yourselves for the amazing jewelry, outfit and footwear. This would give you a fantastic appearance, which would captivate many hearts....including that of your partner.

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Do you want to look stunning at your wedding party? To achieve this you need not book a day at the spa. You just need to put on a sexy, glamorous outfit, a stunning make-up and an amazing footwear. The main thing is not to approach the matter so seriously. Your dress, your make-up and your footwear should not be too fancy or decked-up, otherwise, you wouldn’t feel like yourself. The easiest thing is to apply some of our advice with perfect capture from Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.

Prior planning


Wedding ceremony is the most delighted and most waited upon occasion for any person, be it male or female. You have to be prepared for your grand function and for this you have to make prior preparations. First of all, make a list of what you have to do on your special day. The list may be like the outfit you would be wearing, the make-up, the hair-do and so on. Although all these things would be taken care of by your wedding planner, yet to keep things under control and to rest assured, you should go for Wedniksha. Don’t panic! Instead, keep calm and march ahead on your exotic journey.

savePhoto: Wedniksha.
Photo: Wedniksha.

Bride yourself

Before getting ready for the main ceremony, you need to bride yourself and prepare mentally. Take a nice, warm shower and moisturize your arms, legs, and face with oil, so that they give a glamorous look at the wedding function. Scrub your skin with a loofah to rub away the dead skin. If you love a good home mask, then do apply it. A mixture of yogurt, olive oil, and some papaya would make your skin look brighter. As your skin needs to be pampered, so do your hair. Condition your hair to give them a silky shine. Get your stylish do-up your hair whether it be blow drying, hair straightening, soft styling spraying, etc. If you want to curl your hair then you should use curlers. A gorgeous hair-do would enhance your beauty and style and you could walk up as the most spectacular bride. This would definitely give you a stunning look at your dream day.

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.

Perfect outfit

An outfit, just perfect for your figure, would be extremely delightful. An attire, with wonderful color, glitter and shimmer would make your day. This dress color should suit your skin tone and should give you a brighter look. The most important thing to remember is that the outfit is comfortable to wear and that you can carry it for a long duration and you just can’t forget to check out Neeta Lulla’s collection. Many times the dress is gorgeous but just not apt for the occasion. So take care that you choose the correct one for yourself. The fabric of the attire should also not be irritable and should not annoy you. If it happens, then your wonderful moments would be ruined. The bridal dress needs to be fashionable, glamorous and heavily embroidered, but at the same time, it should be comfortable and easy to handle.

savePhoto: Neeta Lulla.
Photo: Neeta Lulla.

Eye catchy footwear

Even the sandals or shoes which you would be wearing should be selected with due care. You just cannot afford to pick up that footwear which is very fancy and party type and not at all comfortable to walk in. A glittery footwear is advisable but at the same time, you should try them once or twice, to know whether they cause shoe-bite or not. Be careful to get your pedicure done and don’t forget to paint your toenails, with bright colors like red, which is just adequate for you to have a rocking bridal touch.

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul.

Stunning make-up

Your make-up should be done carefully and according to your skin tone. It should not be too heavy and bright that you look quite awkward Chandni Girdhar understands this very well from Makeup by Chandni Girdhar. Instead, before putting up the make-up you should first try it upon you to know what type suits you. Make-up is something that would make your face glowing and believe it, that everyone would be struck with surprise to look at you, even your partner. You should also be particular about the eye make-up that the make-up artist applies upon you. See that your eyes are highlighted in a way that they look extremely beautiful and once your partner looks at you, it would become impossible for him to take away his eyes from your face.

savePhoyo: Makeup By Chandni Girdhar.
Photo: Makeup By Chandni Girdhar.

Amazing Jewelry

With everything in place the last and the most important thing to remember is, your jewelry. Get the jewelry that goes well with your outfit. If the jewelry is too gaudy and heavy on a glittery and embroidered dress then it would be an imperfect combination. Instead, you should look for an elegant, graceful and lightweight jewelry with Vasundhara Jewellery. This would give you a classy look and you would win the admiration of all the guests at your wedding day.

savePhoto: Vasundhara Jewellery.
Photo: Vasundhara Jewellery.

It is your dream day when you want to be on top of the world. This is the day that you want to be at one of your best appearances, as this day comes, but once in a lifetime. These tips would surely help you to rock on that perfect occasion and to startle your partner with those deadly looks and appearance.

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