7 Signs that she is the one that you should marry

Finding just the perfect one for you is pretty difficult. You might date many girls, but to find the one you should marry is tough. A woman is a person who holds a lot grace, and almost every one is dependent on her. Take an example of your mother. You ask her for every small thing that you can not find; don’t you? Now the main question would be, how do you know that she is the one you should go forwards with in life, and spend your whole life with, right? The experts from Candid Wedding Stories have the following points to share, just so that you know that she is the marriage material.

Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Makes you a better person

Meeting the one always makes you change in a better way. You start having positive thoughts, and start looking at everything n a very different way, a way in which you would love to be! Admiring your partner and their attitude should motivate you to be a better version of yourself for her, and for yourself as well.


Honesty is one of the main key to a healthy relationship. Finding someone who respects you enough to be honest with you, even if it is difficult. Never lie to your partner. Share everything that you want to share, and do not keep anything to yourself if it is hurting you. Almost all women are honest, and share everything that is there in their mind. That is why there is a reason why they are called ‘Chatter-Box’. An honest woman can always make a man happy and take the relationship to another level.

Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Makes an effort

If a woman is making any kind of effort to be with you, MARRY HER! There are many people nowadays who take relationships for granted. If your woman is making efforts to keep you happy and be with you, then there is no doubt that she is the one. This proves that she loves you from the bottom of the heart, and that you mean the world to her. Women generally do not make time for people who are not important to her.

Improves herself

If a woman knows that she is wrong somewhere, she would never accept it. If a woman is improving herself and overcoming from her past mistakes, then make sure that you do not let her go away! Women do not do this very easily, remember this! She should be invested in improving herself.

Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.


The woman you are with should have her own ambitions and dreams. She must look at the future as well, and improve herself, instead of being dependent on your every now and then for a good and fulfilling life. Having her own dreams will make her more independent, and you would not resist loving her more. This way, you can make her meet your parents and the entire family too! You would not be ashamed of her, and would be proud of her as well.

Emotionally consistent

The woman should be more consistent, rather than volatile. If you are struggling to handle her mood and her behavior, then she is definitely not the one you should marry. The woman should be understanding and should know how to react to the situations that come on the way. It is natural that every couple has their own bad times. But it needs mature people to sort it out. It is mostly the women who over-react to such situations, and the men take it lightly. But, if your woman understands the situation as well, then she is no doubt the one that you should marry!

Good empathizer

When you marry someone, you should make sure that they can show compassion and support towards others and their struggles, which include your struggles as well. If you are feeling low and really down at some point of time, then she should be there to console you and be there by your side, no matter what the situation is!

Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Find the woman who is the best suitable for you, and the one who can keep you happy. Be with the one whom you are proud to have, and keep gifting her things to make sure that she feels special. There are a few things that you must take care of, and avoid in a relationship, so as to be happy in a relationship.

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