Top 5 Things Couples Do On Their Honeymoon

Finally it is time for the long-awaited honeymoon! Wherever it takes you, whether it is in mystical India or the emerald coasts of neighbouring Croatia, in an adventurous tour in Mexico or in the heart of Sri Lanka, the honeymoon period will be your opportunity to dedicate time to yourself. Ladies, you have deserved it, after so many months of stress for the preparation of your wedding . You can finally wear your swimsuit, visit important international museums, learn about new cultures and … let conform to the top 5 things couples do on their honeymoon. Curious to know what you will be doing?

Honeymoon: Shipra Travels

1. Empty the fridge bar

We all want to relax after an exhausting day of non stop excursions, tours and travelling, and there is nothing more perfect than the mini fridge that has been provided by the hotel in your room. Temptation for that kit kat bar kicks in and of course a refreshing ice cold coca cola bottle. So what do you do? you dive right in! The key here is to unwind, relax and enjoy the luxuries, because ladies and gentlemen, you most definitely deserve them!

2. Sleep deeply by “skipping” the day’s excursion

So you must have many plans booked for your honeymoon, an itinerary to follow and excursions to do! But, it is understandable that jet lag can often still have its effects. And there is so much fatigue accumulated from months ago in preparation from the wedding, and now from travelling; So, surely, you would rather enjoy a lie-in, under the sheets with your heads buried in the soft pillows?

Photography: PATCH wedding

3. Monopolize the pool and wellness area

Weddings can be stressful, therefore the honeymoon must be a time of total relaxation, which is why it is ideal to chose a beautiful resort with pool and spa area. You can not miss the daily massage session, sauna and Jacuzzi! Not to mention, the delightful sensation that you feel once you share your honeymoon photos with friends and family members. So, lovebirds make sure you make the most of the pool area, soak up the sun, relax and sip on them exquisite cocktails!

Photography: Nicole Ashley Photo

4. Meeting new couples

Most can agree that the best thing about travelling is meeting new people, and in this case – couples, who are newly married just like yourselves. So why not take advantage of the opportunity and use your wedding as a conversation starter.  Sharing funny stories and great memories is a great way to socialise and make new friends.

Honeymoon: Traveloutsav

5. Go through the (desperate) search for Indian food

Admit it! It’s twenty days for you to swallow burgers, sushi, chicken and Cantonese. By now the abstinence crisis is near . It’s so close that you’re not sure you can come home without being overwhelmed by hallucinations of: chole bhature, with a mouth watering kulfi dessert! Although supermarkets are near with similar food imitating the traditional dishes, there is nothing better than a good old traditional Indian restaurant catering to your every needs!

We know that there are so many other fun things that you sweet couples do on a honeymoon. Why not comment what you do? We are very curious!

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