Top 10 wedding photographers in Bengaluru

What is the meaning of the word wedding? It is a word which excites everyone including your friends, cousins, relatives and family. It is the time when especially your siblings become more conscious. They even start preparing dresses, makeup, shoe, accessories and the list goes on… they even start thinking of the poses which they want to put in your wedding photograph album. Your cousins and friends don’t want to repeat anything which they had already worn in the previous wedding of any of your relatives. Wedding photography is something which keeps your precious moments alive! Get your perfect wedding photographer among the best!

Photo: Foto Shaadi.
Photo: Foto Shaadi.

Neeta Shankar Photography- Visit Web

Neeta Shankar Photography is located in Bengaluru but travels all over India to cover weddings. They have shot weddings in Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Calcutta, Vizag, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and of course in Namma Bengaluru. Dedication, hard-work and the effort that they put in to make the couple’s big day memorable is something that is noticed by their clients and their family very often. They put in a 200% in every wedding they shoot, which shows up in the final result. Neeta Shankar Photography’s aim is to provide couples with memories that last a lifetime.

MKB Candid Photography- Visit Web

A Bengaluru based Film production company led by Manoj Kumar Bhonsle, is the photography destination you are looking for. An ardent photographer by heart, whose devotion to create stunning pictures, love towards capturing beautiful and colorful moments, encouraged him to take up wedding cinematography and candid photography as a profession. They being the technically ahead from 2 decades, well equipped and the experienced team, bring some great perspective to a genre of wedding films and photography. They try to capture your happiest as well as most memorable moments at the best and do justice to your special event that is your, Dream Weddings!

Sowmya Photography- Visit Web

Sowmya Photography is a dynamic team of creative candid photographers and cinematographers. Being in this industry for more than 5 years now, they have covered more than 250 weddings world-wide. They love capturing every element of weddings – people, emotions, drama, action, portraiture, landscape, macro, and many more, turning them into a single frame of beautiful memories. Witnessing various rituals amidst diverse cultures, they capture different emotions through their lens which speaks abundance about their work.

Sowmya Photography is Bengaluru based photographer, who loves to travel worldwide providing you a complete package of candid to conventional services required for your special day. Creating memories and preserving them to be cherished forever is their prime motto and the team makes it possible as the professionals know exactly how to leave you smiling with every image you unfold.

Manan Photography- Visit Web

Manan born in Ranikhet, a small picture perfect hill station,  living amidst nature and having traveled extensively in the Himalayan region, brought in that urge of capturing the breathtaking beauty and so he landed up in this profession. Though being raised in an hotelier family, he succeeded in the same career path and stood conventional. Worked variously with many events but the photographer in him never gave up the longing to be a Professional Photographer. The passion of photography soon turned into a professional art. Continuing in the field of interiors, contemporary weddings, landscapes, food and beverage and film-making, he is giving his best output.

Foto Shaadi- Visit Web

Foto Shaadi is a team of creative minds trying to make your wedding an experience to be relished. They are based in Bengaluru, India and cover weddings throughout the Indian Sub Continent. Their team consists of experienced wedding photographers, designers, wedding filmers, and editors. Their vision is to improve the wedding experience of couples everywhere with innovative services and consistent delivery in a professional way.

Photo: Foto Shaadi.
Photo: Foto Shaadi.
Photo: Foto Shaadi.
Photo: Foto Shaadi.

Vinay Venugopal Photography- Visit Web

Wedding photography has been a humbling experience. To be unobtrusive, yet be able to capture moments of a lifetime influenced by the forces of joy and anxiety, that’s often witnessed in weddings through relationships, friends, families and the exultation of a couple who is stepping into a new sphere of life. Vinay’s love for portrait photography gives him the opportunity in weddings, to cover an incredible horizon of faces and emotions in varied situations that are diverse and unique to each Indian community and their culture. Visit Web

Mukesh and Sudha are a team of self-proclaimed self-taught passionate professional photographers, who specialise in the field of Candid wedding photography. Their style is a mixture of candid and journalistic photography. Being avid people photographers, they typically focus on capturing candid moments and emotions that are found aplenty during weddings. Their passion to capture the human emotions drove them to the profession of candid wedding photography. love to create natural looking, emotional filling, story driven, creative portraiture from the wedding events that will last forever.

We Capture Moments- Visit Web

We Capture Moments, for you to cherish for lifetime. They don’t leave any stone upturned to depict the beautiful story behind your most significant day. Wedding Photography is one of the most exciting events to document. Love, laughter, joy, tears everything. Their aim is to frame each fraction of them. The team of We Capture Moments works rigorously to infuse photographs with unique style and creativity. They have spread their wings across pre-wedding, wedding shoots, birthdays, indoor shoots, ceremonies and anything that is a valuable experience in someone’s lives.

Saneesh Sukumaran Photography- Visit Web

The team of Saneesh Sukumaran Photography enjoys photographing people. They say that, everyone is different and has a variety of emotions! Weddings are one of the most wonderful things to witness on Earth; people are so happy, and the place is filled with amazing energy and emotions! Weddings are beautiful! Every wedding has its story and Saneesh try to capture it with his photography along with its vibrancy. It moves him when the couples are touched by the photos; it is like a time machine with which you can travel back to those special moments where you know you are loved.

 Ankit Singh Photography- Visit Web

Ankit Singh says “It’s true, each wedding is a completely new story. In terms of people, the kind of ceremony, friends, available light, location etc“. The Catch being, there won’t be any retakes. He has shot weddings now all over India and in the USA. Winning the ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year -2011, Emotions” is a testimony to that. He shoots with the most modern equipment and gets personally involved in editing. It is important to have good taste in life!

Photo:  Ankit Singh Photography.
Photo: Ankit Singh Photography.
Photo:  Ankit Singh Photography.
Photo: Ankit Singh Photography.

Make your memories wonderful with these professionals. Time passes very fast but these beautiful pictures will always go to remind you all your lovely moments with your partner, family, friends!

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