Top 11 wedding choreographers in Bangalore

This is winter wedding season! All guests are in jackets or may be seated in a warm corner, So its the time to make everyone forget their jackets and stoles for the moment. It is your wedding and most awaited ceremony just arrives that is your Sangeet ceremony. All your cousins and friends must be waiting for this special event since a long time. Here is the best list for your wedding choreographers in Bangalore. Let the every one on your guest list move on your Sangeet songs with your selected choreographer!

Swingers Dance Studio- Visit Web

Since its inception in 1998, the Swingers Dance Company has gained great approval as an inventive and progressive dance studio and is widely acclaimed as a trendsetter. It was founded by renowned Choreographer Mr. B. Murali. Swinger’s has now tied-up with several international dance companies to offer an ‘Internship Affiliate Program’. The Swingers dance studios are specifically constructed, spacious dance studios and are located in central areas of Chennai (India), Bangalore (India) and New York (USA). Swingers Dance studio is an immense source of inspiration for those who want to make dance a part of their lives. Be ready for a fabulous choreography in your wedding!

Payals Dance Academy- Visit Web

Ms. Payal Gupta’s passion for dance made her opt for a career shift only to make the world dance along with her. She has gained tremendous amount of experience in performing, teaching and directing, while learning various forms of dance from reputed instructors like Aziza (Canada), Sadie Marquardt (USA), Leyla Jouvana (Germany), Silvia Salamanca (USA), Nika Mlakar (Slovenia), Nadia Nikishenko (Russia), Queenie (Belgium), Tito (Egypt), Yousry Sharief (Egypt/USA), Jilina (USA), Sonia Ochoa (USA), Mercedes Nieto (Hungary), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Raquia Hassan (Egypt), Moriah Chapel (USA), Rachel Brice (USA), Sharon Kihara (USA), Arati Sunawala, Prithvi and Ree and the NATYA Institute (India). The dance forms include belly dance, modern contemporary, jive, kathak, and freestyle. So just tie a knot of love and fun for your wedding sangeet with the choreographer Payal who will make all your guests tap their feet on her tune!

Tarantismo Creative Dance Company- Visit Web

Tarantismo innovates new fitness trends and exciting dance styles. Tarantismo is proud to be the first dance company to introduce Belly Dancing to Bangalore. Tarantismo also is responsible for designing a unique dance-fitness program JUMP which combines trampoline techniques and freestyle movement. Tarantismo provides dance as a service in innumerable ways thought provoking, exciting and entertaining productions, tailor made corporate performances, foundation movement courses for children, innovative dance classes for adults, conceptualization, and choreography for events and weddings, specialized one on one training for all ages. Let everyone enjoy your sangeet ceremony, even the most loved person that is your grandmother, believe me she will love to dance!

Xaviers Dance Studio- Visit Web

Xavier’s Dance Studio is one of the best dance studios in Bangalore. At present XDS has 2 branches at Kalyan Nagar and Ramamurthy Nagar. Dance is not juxtaposed against any strict rules and regulations at XDS. They know the importance of implying innovation and experimentation along with pure styles of dancing. The smile of more than 500 happy Xavierites proves undoubtedly that the quality education at XDS is unmatched. Be ready for your awesome wedding choreography!

Piah Dance Studio- Visit Web

Piah Dance Company is the performing division of Piah Dance Studio. Piah Dance Studio is a mobile studio that conducts dance classes across Bangalore. They believe in spreading the world of dance across areas and people who forget what its like to be in someone else’s dancing shoes. They conduct dance workshops for beginners and advanced levels. They also focus on events like weddings and workshops for corporate. Wedding means a lot to everyone and its ceremonies are most memorable part of one’s life, so just make it unforgettable!

Lourd Vijay Dance Studio- Visit Web

LVDS was started in 1997 by Lourd Vijay. Over the course of 11 years, he honed and perfected his art in the professional arena. Channeling the experience and spirit of his own career as well as that of a passionate team of vibrant and highly skilled youngsters through this studio. LVDS has focused on popularising various forms of dance. Using workshops as an innovative tool, LVDS has introduced Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Delhi, Colombo and other metros to the exciting dance forms of Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, Jive Rumba and the Tango. Their dance performances and workshops are a class apart – due to the unique style and innovation they bring to each venture. In fact, this style is now seen as their trademark, prompting a huge wave of requests for performances and workshops from the LVDS troupe. Get ready to dance on your very special day! To its list of accolades and achievements LVDS has a Guinness world Record to its credit and also being assigned the job of “Ambassador of the Hong Kong Salsa Festival and the Head judge of the Asia Pacific Salsa Open Championship.

PPDC Weddings- Visit Web

PPDC Weddings has done choreography and dance direction for Bollywood movies. PPDC Weddings has assisted dance over 20 Bollywood movies like Page 3, Hum Tum, Murder, Deewar, Tarzan the Wonder Car, Aitraaz, The Rising and has also assisted dance director of the music album Tera Mera Pyar. PPDC Weddings worked with producers & directors Subhash Ghai, Mahesh Bhatt, Abbas – Mastan, Kunal Kohli and Aamir Khan. It has trained over 100 aspiring Actors and Actresses in Bollywood Film Dance at the prestigious Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Lab, Mumbai. Performed for over 2000 shows in the last 12 years in India, Colombo, Bahrain, Oman, Israel, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Morocco. It has been the winner of the ‘Aaja Jhoom Le’, a National Level Competition in Indo-Salsa conducted by Zoom TV and was also awarded the 1st Place in Bangalore and India by Mr. Hrithik Roshan. After reading this you can’t miss PPDC Weddings for your dream day!

Aryans Dance Studio- Visit Web

Aryans Dance Studio perform for corporate events, private family party, weddings, concerts, TV channel shows, awards ceremony, background dancing for stars, cheerleading, album launches & ads. Some of their special acts are duet romantic acts, UV light performance, theme acts and much more. They are capable of choreographing product launches, fashion shows, video shoots, live concerts, gala dinners, entertainment for exhibitions, wedding choreography, and at large opening ceremonies. Aryan Dance Studio creates the best possible event in an original and professional manner.

Oxygen Dance Company- Visit Web

Bollywood, western, hip-hop, Jazz, Bhangra, Contemporary, Classical, Folk, Salsa, Jive, Cha Cha, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz or Tango, which style of dance you want for your wedding? They are fabulous at all, so just rock the dance party! Dance is proven to be in continuous evolution which is at Oxygen Danz. As a team of professional and experienced choreographers for over 15 years, whether they are working on the national or global stage, they have always believed in placing their best foot forward in every endeavor. They built Oxygen Danz out of their goodwill and passion for dance and they continue to share this passion with the people they work with and their clients are the most precious for them.

Nivesaa- Visit Web

Nivesaa, co-founded by Aastha Gulati and Sahiba Singh, is a platform for movement, fitness, and wellness amongst other things. Nivesaa specializes in wedding sangeets and choreography for mehndi as well. Bridal songs and bride- groom pieces are their USP! It is a cultural platform for many art patrons, a space for community interactions, discussions, and debates. Nivesaa means “Investment” and that’s all that they want you to do, invest in your body, mind, and spirit to achieve the overall holistic development of who you really are. They know that you are more than just your routine, the social obligations and the expectations. You are your own Spirit – your own guide and your own healer. Nivesaa is here to help you tap into your immense potential of being happy, fit and healthy and most importantly at peace with yourself and everything around you. So why think for anyone else? Get set for Nivessa!
Step Up Dance Lab, a pioneering step of its kind into the world of Dance was taken in the year 2008, by its Artistic Director and Founder, Pradeep. This company stemmed from Pradeep’s extreme love and passion for dance and initially had 5 dancers. It has now grown to a dedicated dancers team of 40 who tirelessly work towards the common goal of bringing joy to the world through dance. It was awarded as “Most Promising Dance Company of Bangalore 2013” at the Brands Academy Excellence Award Ceremony this year. This team consists of people from different walks of life and have been trained in various dance forms like Contemporary, Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood etc. and various other art forms like Kalari Payattu, Karate, Yoga, Zumba etc. by the National and International instructors.

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