Unforgettable Moments: Best Wedding Photographers In Mumbai

The amount of careful planning that goes into the ceremonies, the receptions, the colourful decor and the elaborate wedding outfits deserves much recognition. So we've compiled a list of the top wedding photographers in Mumbai to capture it all perfectly through a lens!

Unforgettable Moments: Best Wedding Photographers In Mumbai
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Indian weddings are a sight to behold, that’s a fact. The amount of careful planning that goes into the ceremonies, the receptions, the colourful decor and the elaborate wedding outfits deserves much recognition. So if your getting married in Mumbai, make sure it’s all captured through a lens by a photography professional, which will allow you to remember every detail for the years to come.
We’ve compiled a list of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, to make your extensive search a little easier!
Photo: Little Big Weddings

1. Little Big Weddings

Little Big Weddings, established in 2013, are the perfect team if you want to have your wedding photography and videography solutions all from one provider. This creative bunch all share the vision that every wedding is special, no matter the scale. “Weddings are not just about beautiful lehengas, and latest trends, it’s more about love, emotions and people,” they believeas they endeavour to preserve every spontaneous emotion and natural moment through their artistic photography.
“We absolutely love weddings and everything associated with it. Our approach towards wedding photography is pretty simple, being present in the moment and capturing the mood of the wedding in the most beautiful way possible. All our inspiration comes from our couples. Their beautiful stories, their love, their nervousness, their happiness, they have so much to offer.” So make sure to give Little Big Weddings a call when planning your Mumbai love story.
Photo: Little Big Weddings
Photo: Little Big Weddings
When Zankyou asked Little Big Weddings about their favourite part of the job, they said that nothing is better than creating timeless memories for people in love. “On the day of their wedding, brides and grooms are the stars of their life story. And it’s amazing to be able to be a part of that. Apart from that now we have lifelong friends all over the country…what more can one ask for?”
Photos: Little Big Weddings

2. ND Photography

ND Photography was started in 2013 by friends of  Nilesh & David. This dynamic duo work differently according to each client’s taste, which is a bonus considering that many photographers are reluctant to change their preferred style. With ND Photography, you can opt for natural or posed photography. Nilesh and David understand that each wedding is different, so expect photography that is completely personal to your wedding style, with a focus on all the fun and joy that will characterise the day, along with the jewels, the dancers, the bridesmaids, relatives, friends… and every other detail that you would love to remember through your wedding album!
Photo: ND Photography
Photo: ND Photography

When asked about their favourite part of the wedding photography process, Nilesh and David said it is undoubtedly the Pre-Wedding Shoot, because it is always in different locations that are special to each couple, and they can try a range of artistic techniques. This is when the photographers can spend a lot of time getting to know the couple, given that the wedding reception is always jam-packed with people and activities, meaning less time for intimate photos.

Photo: ND Photography

3. Wedding  Crafters

“Our work redefines wedding photography. Wedding photojournalism and personal storytelling are what we do,” said Wedding Crafters, whose goal is about capturing the essence of the person within each special wedding moment.  “We want to be your personal family historians,” they add, which means that every laugh, tear, fist pump, speech, smile and story told are not fabricated, but real and spontaneous moments transformed into photographic, timeless keepsakes.
Photo: Wedding Crafters
“Our goal is for you to forget about the traditional roles of photographer and videographer and enjoy the moments with those loved ones who have made great effort to be with you on your wedding day. We make that happen, and we do it while still making great family and bridal portraits in minimal time.”
The photographers at Wedding Crafters all agree that the best part of their job is to travel on the journey of every couple, with them. They get to spread happiness and meet people from all over the world!
Photo: Wedding Crafters

4. You By Poonam Kotecha

YOU by Poonam Kotecha is a stylish, innovative photography label for modern couples. It boasts an editorial edge and works with romantic sensibilities and traditional aesthetics, never forgetting that each image should always be about the couple.

Photo: You by Poonam Kotecha
You by Poonam Kotecha

Poonam Kotecha’s favourite moment of the wedding photography process is most certainly the getting ready part. “The preparation has a very raw appeal,” she states, as each photo can capture the nerves and excitement felt in anticipation of the marriage, one of the most beautiful moments. “Another thing I love about the job is shooting the couple, especially the first 7 to 10 minutes which are awkward for them – I believe I get the best photos at the very beginning. The idea is to become friends with them so that I can understand their love story and get the best shots possible.”

Photo: Poonam Kotecha
We hope you have enjoyed looking at some of these beautiful wedding photos, shot by some of the best photographers in Mumbai. So, when it comes to your own marriage in this city, you know who to call!

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