6 things a guy experiences on his brother’s wedding

So, the time has finally come when your big brother is going to get married. It may be a little disappointing for you for some obvious reasons but for him, it’s a big step towards his new life. While your brother is going through many changes in his life, you may also go through some. The person with whom you’ve shared your first secret with, with whom you went to at those peppy parties, who taught you how to impress a girl smoothly, who taught you many lessons in school as well as in life is going to now share his life with the person he loves. We have Satish Goyal who shares some of his own experiences while his brother got married.

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There must be hundreds of thoughts running through your mind while preparing for your brother’s marriage. You must be loaded with responsibilities related to arrangements, receiving guests, looking for gifts, managing finances and what not. And above all, you are given the responsibility to take good care of the newest member of your family, your sister-in-law. After all, she is coming into a new family and leaving her own. So, let’s have a look at what all things run though the mind of a guy when his brother is going to get married.

Major missing

Now that your brother has got a new roommate for himself who is way better than you in every ways, you will be shocked to see how much you are going to miss your room partner even before the day he actually moves out and shift to the room next door. There will no more of an authority scolding you to keep your stuff limited to your side.

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A new friend

You will be very excited about getting a ‘bhabhi’. You will be eager to become friends with her and share all your gossips and sad stories with her. It may even make your brother get jealous on the way you both will share your thoughts, she will advise with the tips to impress girl and you will no more have to depend only on your brother for that.

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Looks matter

Since it’s your brother’s wedding, the next person on the focus of people is going to be you. So there is no second thought in the idea of getting the best looks for yourself. You would want to look the most handsome of all and even better than your own dear brother. And why not, it’s a golden chance to grab all the attention for those beautiful girls you have been looking for. Why don’t you take some help from The most professionals techniques for amazing wedding photos

Wishing good

You will always consciously and even unconsciously wish to get beautiful girls in your guests list. The most asked for wish would be to get a hot sister-in law of your brother. This is going to be great and even easy, isn’t it? You would want to be the most attractive person on the sets and would never let any opportunity get missed upon to grab all the appreciations from elders. Good chances of being a heart-throb, isn’t it?

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My turn

And the best part is that, just as soon as your brother ties the knot, you will get sudden urges to be the next in the queue. Many of the aunties must have been saying this to you already a hundred of times during the whole wedding and that must have irritated you to the greatest extent but you will soon realize that it’s really your turn up next and which is, just acceptable to you. And just in case if that doesn’t work on you, you will start getting those urges when you will see your new friend getting gelled up in the house and your brother is having a good married life.

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New ideas

You will want to put some efforts to make this day the best day or the most special day for your brother’s life. You may wonder hard upon how you can make it a big day for both of them.

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

 So boys, get your laces tied up because it’s your brother’s wedding and you will surely go through all of these mental changes eventually. Leave back some magic of your aroma by getting the best perfume, learn How to Choose the Best Perfume for Your Wedding

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