A mini style guide for wedding guests : 7 tips to coordinate as a couple!

You and your boyfriend received an invitation to the wedding of a dear super couple and began to think about how to celebrate the event in the best way: how to dress, what gifts to give. What do you think of the idea of ​​creating a combined look? It can be fun! There are several ways to harmonize their looks without looking tacky! The key is to do it in the little details that show the connection and the personality of you as a couple. Want to know how? Do not miss the mini-guide style for guests couples, advices coming all the way from our expert MohanLal Sons. Learn more about how to be the perfect at your best friend’s wedding reading our basic tips on How to be a show stopper at your best friend’s wedding

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

The order is fun!

You and your companion have much style and nothing more fair than going to the celebration with looks that respect the style you and the marriage. You really like the ’50s? A midi dress with a voluminous skirt and well marked waist is a great choice for you! Your companion can go with suspenders and a bow tie, accessories that are super stylish and perfectly complement your look.

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Her dress and tie color

You can match the colors of your clothes in a subtle and elegant way! Simply use shades that match. For example, match the color of his tie with your dress. Use prints or dare with contrasts, it can be fun and give a more modern feel to the whole look.

Wear sunglasses

Marriage is in daytime and your boyfriend is super stylish with dark suit and glasses. Well, here you can also use the pair of glasses that favors you more! You will be protected and look modern using similar styles.

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Your dress and suit color

If he will use a light gray suit or beige sand in a wedding during the day, you can choose dresses that match these tones. Play with style in harmony of colors in pastel tones to be elegant weddings during the day, or sober and dark shades for weddings at night.

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Dress and handkerchief

If you order a dress, you can ask the designer to make a scarf for your companion with the same fabric of the dress. Here, the key to elegance is to choose fabrics with body and in sober tones. In this way, the scarf will be perfect and your partner will not call more attention than the groom.

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Your make-up 

If he will wear a tie in a shade of red and you think if it’s legal to use a lipstick of that color? This is the opportunity to harmonize the visual of you in a discreet and elegant way.

Accessories with his accessories

Use that wonderful clutch and an incredible pair of earrings. Ask your partner to use a clock and a clip for the tie according to the style of its accessories.

Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Today’s weddings are becoming more flexible in the category dress code. Use our style mini-guide for couples and guests and combine the looks with total harmony! Also see 5 psychological insights that will make you understand love more

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