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The hilarious scenes of every Indian wedding

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Equate an Indian wedding to a circus, a fair or a festival and every Indian would second that. It’s simply because a big fat wedding affair is full of drama and is loaded with fun and frolic. Where the chachis and maamis are seen dancing to London Thumkda and the aroma of traditional food takes over the wedding pandal, there is a lot that goes behind it to make the event appear perfect. I love the Indian Weddings. It’s the only place where full-on live entertainment happens ! Where relatives from all corners join for the wedding !I love the characters – the relatives/ neighbours and every person, even the small fat cook who makes the shaadi ka ghar ka khana ! Even chachis, mamis with long drawn family battles will make it to the wedding… why to leave a golden chance to taunt your relatives ! No wonder, witnessing an Indian wedding is a sheer entertainment. But you know what’s even more hilarious ? The collective suggestions, so much hard work, tiny tiffs and truckloads of laughter when the entire family along with friends get to the preparations together. 10 Memorable Things to do With Your Partner Between Your Engagement and Wedding

savePhoto: Weddings By knotty Days
Photo: Weddings By knotty Days

Clash of clans

When you enter the beautifully decorated wedding venue, do you have any idea how many clashes would have happened to come to the mere decision of having more orchids and lesser roses ? Well, let’s not even get into the color scheme of the decor as the arguments would become endless !

savePhoto: Weddings By knotty Days
Photo: Weddings By knotty Days

The ideal wedding dress

As much as having a smartphone handy is a boon, it can also get troublesome in situations like these. If according to the bride, Rani pink is the color of the season, the bride’s sister would insist that it’s champagne gold and the mom, on the other hand, would remain adamant on buying that classic red lehenga. Top 5 boutique shops to buy your bridal lehnga in Chandni Chowk Delhi And mind you, it’s not only one wedding dress but at least 25 of them for the entire family.

savePhoto: Weddings By knotty Days
Photo: Weddings By knotty Days

The polished performances

Yes, wedding choreographers these days are easily available but is it that easy for the masi in the house to imitate the Katrina Kaif step in “Kala Chashma. ‘Well, if you see her winning the stage, it means that Kala Chashma is on her repeat list while she’s walking, sleeping, bathing, eating, talking and everywhere else where your imagination could take you.

savePhoto: Weddings By knotty Days
Photo: Weddings By knotty Days

The well behaved kids

Bribe ! Yes, the amount those parents have to pay to ensure that their mischievous kids look utterly cute while performing their part on the stage could range from a chocolate to an iPad. How on earth would you think those little monsters would not play hide and seek in an area as big as your wedding venue ?

The Smiling Guests 

Let’s admit it, 75% of the times you attend a wedding is because you’re lured by the malai kofta and butter chicken. You are absolutely clueless about who the bride and groom are and guess what, it’s confession time again – you don’t even care. You enter with a smiling face, stuff in food with a smirk and leave overjoyed ! How To Invite Your Guests With the Best Invitation Cards!

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