Wondrous hotels to celebrate a wedding 2017

Are you still looking for a wedding venue? We've chosen the most breathtaking hotels in India that are sure to make your dream wedding a reality!

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There are certain places that enchant us from the very first moment we see them. As you plan for your wedding, you have to make a series of difficult decisions, including the perfect location for your ceremony and reception. To help you find the perfect venue, we have chosen the most special places in the heart of India to celebrate a dream wedding.


Choose the place you find most charming and delight your guests! These hotels and farmhouses promise to bring your fairy tale wedding to life. Their breathtaking views, exquisite cuisine, and teams of highly skilled professionals make these 15 hotels the most special venues for an unforgettable wedding. For a bride, the wedding location may come after her wedding jewelry, dress, shoes, and hairstyle, but the venue is actually a very important key to the wedding’s success.

Whether you are looking for a place to hold your ceremony, reception, or both, one of these hotels is bound to fulfill all of your wedding desires. Do not miss out and discover why so many couples choose these hotels for most important day of their lives!

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Wondrous hotels to celebrate a wedding 2017