How to Make an End to Your Bachelor's Life

Your bachelor's life has come to an end and as it has given you so much of amazing moments and exploration in your life, you should bid a farewell to it in the way possible.

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You might be astounded to discover that giving a bachelor party or a lone-ranger get together is rooted since ancient time. Somewhere in the 5th century by the Spartans, who originated this idea! It would hold a supper for the lucky man to-be, on the night prior to his wedding. The night would be spent devouring and toasting the lucky man and each other.


Sometime during last few decades the idea of hosting a “dinner” for the bachelor was dropped and idea of having a “party” quickly gained. Idea of having supper and toasting was supplanted by, or supplemented with, strippers, betting, and bounteous measures of liquor. It is just taken as the hour to have one more night of opportunity before settling down.

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What I believe, after being married greatest thing which be left behind will be the company of your friends like brothers which were all always there for you. A lone ranger get together should be much more exciting and it should not only last for one night or held a night before your big vows. It should be more of a male bonding feast than having enormous amount of liquor or gambling.

Here some ways how you can end your bachelor’s life in classic and fashionable manner.

Get Out

As we speak of lone-ranger get together was an ancient idea why don’t we get back to nature and go for a jungle trip in any national park or a wildlife sanctuary. In some places in India government gives the licence for hunting, this could be an exciting experience and life long memory

Get Wet

When there is boys night out there is one thing on the tops of the chart which is liquor and we can make it more exciting by going out for holidays near beach where you can rent an incredible house and have a nice view of ocean and you can enjoy your dinks.

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photoghraphy
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photoghraphy

When you are planning to go on exciting beach trip you can always take a detour, like going on deep sea fishing trip, charter a fishing boat or you rent a jet skis on water to make your boys out more exciting

Boys Stuff

Boys are in a habit of showing there masculine behaviour if your group love to do so then you can have a great adventure by going down to any shooting range and find out who is the best among you. Shooting range is not only an option you can also have a paint ball completion which also requires your shooting skill it will as good as being a part of an exciting action movie.

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Spend some time like a Gentelman

You can always use your old school tricks to entertain your band of brothers by making a plan to play a friendly cricket match or stuff like this will not be great match but it will always help you to recall your good old days when you were teen aged.

As we are talking about the childhood fun how can we forget the pleasure we used to seek by playing various video game and play stations you can rent a game parlour for an eve to make the most of the day.

It’s always good to be more of gentlemen than a hippy you can go out for golfing or horse riding and you can have of that gentlemen charm which you want to have with your luxurious time.

High Time

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If you are lucky to find out a brewery in nearby place. Because not all the men seeks adventure but some wants to take best out there time and have some peace of mind so you can always try some good crafted bear.

We all go out for movies every time way not take a different path this time by going to a live theatre or go to see a stand-up comedian show which will also a great delight of time.

Road Trip

You can also take a road trip to an unexplored route of yours and find out the best out of it. This will not only be a great adventure or a thrill ride but also be one of the best part of your trips

These are the some ways how you can take the best out of your bachelor period rather than spending a ton of money on one eve before your big night. This would be an unparalleled experience to any other days to come Top 5 Ideas for Bachelor party.

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