How to plan the perfect bachelor's party for the groom

Take away some blasting memories of the last days of your bachelorhood into your married life and you will appreciate them forever.

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There comes a moment when your friend is about to get married and you can just not do anything about it other than reading How to organize a Grand Wedding to help him out with this. The feeling of knowing that the time has come to an end where you can simply go out with your friends at whatever time you like, to party with them for the whole night, to date some pretty girls and to get the best advices from your brother and talk to him for the whole night; it’s the time for him to get some advices instead! Well, you must be getting those urges to bid your friend a very well deserved goodbye from his bachelorhood and make him get prepared for an entirely different life ahead. Here is the idea, plan a perfect bachelor’s party and let him go crazy for the one last time before he ties the knot. According to our expert DJ Ajay Nautiyal, “music is the soul of every party and it is the main factor which decides if people are enjoying or not”.

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

Pick a choice

Bachelor’s party is just as exciting as it sounds. You must have already thought of so many things that you always thought you will do: going for some trip, having a day-night party, escaping away or doing something adventurous. Here is the chance now, pick one activity that you always wanted to do and decide it amongst your friends. Ask for everyone’s agreement so that everyone enjoys to their best. And if you face issue like someone is voting for a club party and the other one is voting for the jungle safari then you can simply resolve the issue by doing the both of them. Keep in mind that it’s a party for your friend and his likings should be taken into considerations at the first place. Also, to make it more happening and more exciting you can go for something that you have never done in your life rather doing what you love to do and it will make the party even more thrilling. Have a look at Things you need to let your wedding planner know

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

Do the best

Just think that you are going to have a last party in your life. What do you feel now? Well, we are pretty sure that you would want to put the same efforts in this party that you would have put in your owns’. Make the arrangements for the best music system and it’s going to be completely happening if you appoint DJ Ajay Nautiyalmake the best food available in your place from Mark Caterers, call out for the best of decorators, book the most happening venue you can think of and invite everyone who you think are close to the groom.

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul


Well, you might have not got the chance to design your friend’s wedding card but here is the time to think of something really catchy for your friend’s bachelor’s party invitation card. Since it is very special for him and all the guests are equally special, the card should depict the feelings nicely and Pumple is going to do all this with a perfection. You can have a customized invitation card like getting a bottle of Champaign with a little note having some informal and funny message for your promising friends. Content should be strong enough to make the reader dance on his feet for getting such a cool invitation.

savePhoto: Pumple
Photo: Pumple

Photo shoot

Making a day memorable is one thing and getting it captured beautifully is another. Well, thanks to some evergreen trends like having a photo shoot and Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul too, they make the moments even more happening. Ask the planner to design photo booths all around the venue. Booth should be funny and attractive and just magnetic enough that even the most photophobic person in your guest list is forced to get himself clicked.

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

Refresh the days

The best thing about bachelor’s party is that it is entirely the boy’s thing. Girls have a separate one for themselves. Well, talking about the “boy’s thing” we mean that since you all (you, your friends and the soon to-be groom) have shared so much together and would want it to be a day (or night) to remember. Do all the stuff that makes your friendship even stronger. Make the groom feel like he is a lucky man to have a bestman like you. You can simply rejuvenate your days by sitting together and talk about stuff that makes you happy. Find the best one for yourself from these Top 11 Wedding Hotels in Delhi

savePhoto: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul
Photo: Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

If you put efforts on these small things, you can make your party even better. You must want to read Things every groom must know while choosing his wedding outfit

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