How to plan the perfect bachelorette's party for the bride

Bachelorette's party is the best way to bid a goodby to your single life and say hello to your married life with a warm welcome.

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Not only wedding ceremony but also bachelor’s party is a part of your wedding. It’s the soul idea of having fun with your bridesmaid and all other girl’s gang before you tie the knot with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Bachelor’s party is more like living all your bachelorhood for the one last time just before it is about to get to an end and it’s once and for all, trust us! It’s like all your hormones and anxieties are set free and there is no way you are going to stop yourself from having fun with the best of people of your life. Maybe this is the reason why it is considered to be mandatory by today’s couple getting married and it definitely is the most exciting way to let your wedding stress fly out of your mind. Don’t forget to get clicked by Lensight Photography for the most amazing photographs which will make your fabulous party even more memorable. So, if you are the one whose lovely friend is going to be a bride soon or you are that lovely bride who is looking for the most happening bachelor’s party than this post is for you.

savePhoto: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography



The crust of any party is its theme. Getting a theme is like getting a surety that your party is not going to be boring and is unique. Now, you can do two things to decide your theme. First, if you’re the bride yourself than you can keep your theme as a surprise to your bridesmaids so that it generates a feeling of excitement in everyone and second, if you’re the bridesmaids than you all can take a round at everyone’s opinions and then come to a common conclusion accepted by everyone. Don’t make it boring, your theme should be something really fun. You can be sexy or tom-boyish; anything that you think the bride will love. You can becomes wild animals or maybe some snow-princesses or Disney princesses. Get a delicious and beautifully crafted cake from Sucre for the bride. Options are many but choose one wisely.

savePhoto: Sucre
Photo: Sucre


There should be a perfect idea of having fun before you move on to decide the venue. Your idea of fun can be anything like just boozing, going out for a party, to camp in some deserted place, to go on a jungle safari, to go for a vacation, to go on a mountain exploration trip with some random troop or to simply have a house party, it all depends on you. Get an appoitment booked at la femme for all of the bridesmaids as well as the bride for a beauty treatment before leaving for anywhere to make sure that you look flawless in the photographs.

savePhoto: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography


Now comes the most fun part, to decide an appropriate venue. It entirely depends upon your budget and your time span and of course, what you want to do for fun like some adventurous sport, simply a party, camping or a small get-away or anything. If you are planning for a two day or maybe a four day long party (or rather trip) then you can go for hill station or some country side would also do just fine. A beach is also an exciting location if your gang is all set for some cool tents, river side bonfire, sea food, beach party and of course, sexy beach wear. Venues can be chosen from many alternatives like hotel, club, resort, beach, or any place where you can do something adventurous. Be Ready For Your Bachelors Party With The Best Dress

savePhoto: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography


Picking one venue or activity is not enough. Book yourself in the particular venue you have chosen so to avoid any later chaos. Get all the decoration done (if required) and order the best food available in town. Sreev Travels Pvt. Ltd will make sure that you do not have to worry much about your travelling details.


After the entire planning is done, now is the time to get the plan in action. Pack your bags, get some yummy snacks along, go out for shopping, click cool snaps, get your bride know about the plan, get her out of her wedding chaos and make her live her last days of bachelorhood  to the fullest and prove that you are the best girl’s gang ever! You will enjoy reading How to Make an End to Your Bachelor’s Life

savePhoto: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Now you are all ready to get yourself live those amazing days of your life again have some of the best moments and add some secrete chapter in your book of memories. Have a look at these Top 5 Ideas for Bachelor party

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