How to have a happy wedding

Wedding is an occasion where two people and their families reunite. All the love and happiness gets into the air around those days. There is so much to a wedding like its planning, execution and after party, everything. The couple who is going to be married is the most excited one for their ‘big day’ and everybody around them give them their own part of advices on various things and several dos and don’ts. We have our expert Mrs. Preeti goyal who will give you more useful advices on that note.

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You both must be busy with all the wedding planning. From choosing your table napkin color till getting your designer dress done, you have to look after it all. It is surely a matter of stress and burden upon heads. Getting tangled into all these matters, the couple forget that they are the ones for whom all of it is planned. They become so much stressful and tired that the ‘happy’ factor from their wedding fly away and is replaced by the ‘stress’ factor. Also, to make your wedding a completely joyous occasion, take a look at various things which can be taken care of.

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It’s your wedding

Don’t forget that it’s your wedding and your ‘big day’ is supposed to be a grand one. it will be a good day for you only if you are relaxed and stress free. Indian weddings are especially renowned for their line of events which take place one day after another. Doing so many things over the past few days must have made you tired but to make your wedding day full of happiness, you should not take must tension. You can go for some spa, massage, for some relaxation therapy.

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Family dynamics

The best thing about wedding is that people of the family reunite together with love to celebrate love itself. On this occasion, there must be many families invited. Some of them known to you while other totally new to you, your in-law family is also a family you don’t know completely yet. So, take this opportunity out and make everyone the part of one big family.

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Talk to everyone, have fun with all the family members, seek for their presence in all the events. This way, the bride and the groom will come to know about all the family members. Try to reconnect with the old members, some of them may have lost in touch with you, try to relive old days with your cousins you have grown up with, sit with elder members and talk to them, let the ladies gossip about all the happening and all the gents laugh together. Make it a great occasion of celebration not only for yourself but for every other person present there to have a good time.

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Emotional control

Getting married is believed to be a big milestone to your maturity and your development emotionally, financially and socially. It brings along a new life, responsibilities, new family, a future family, love life and what not. People do get nervous before getting married which is, quite obvious. Don’t get over ruled by the anxiety, calm yourself down. It is natural to get tensed and going through emotional conflict within yourself. Make yourself understand that you are capable enough to lead a successful married life ahead and will keep your partner and your family happy. Don’t take much stress about everything during your wedding events, you must have appointed planners and it’s their job. Not only you, your partner must also be feeling the same and what you both might need is a relaxing time out. Take some time out for yourself. You can be alone or with your friends or with your partner, just make sure to reduce the emotional conflict in you, ask for your elder’s advice. They have gone through this earlier only and know how to deal with this situation effectively.

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 And do not forget to have fun with your partner before wedding to add flavour to your ‘big day’. have a look at 10 Memorable Things to do With Your Partner Between Your Engagement and Wedding

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