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If you are in the process of planning your wedding you’ve seen a thousand and more ways to decorate. Be it lighting, flowers or even props, Indian weddings are getting more creative each year. So if you need some on-point inspiration to help clarify your ideas just keep scrolling.

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Traditional Flowers In A Modern Avatar

While the regular marigold garland may seem boring to you, trust us they are not. Mix them with jasmine to create a scented ambience or with roses for an elegant yet traditional tabletop setting. Key is to think outside the box with floral arrangements, even exotic flowers. If decor is not your cup of tea, opt to work with one of the best wedding planners like The Wedding Design Company. Their creative team would use these traditional, cost-effective flowers, in the most modern and unique way, ensuring your wedding is a masterpiece.

Photo: The Wedding Design Company.Learn more about “Photo: The Wedding Design Company.”
Photo: The Wedding Design Company.
Photo: The Wedding Design Company.

Go Natural 

Let’s face it, decor depends on the venue at hand. Each location will have its own requirements to make the atmosphere truly magical. Flowers may be the safest choice, but if you are a bit daring, try something new? Mix other natural elements into your floral arrangements for a lasting impact think fruit, branches, or even moss. Leading planners like Ferns N Petals will have plenty of ideas for your wedding decor such as using a showstopping tree. 

Photo: Ferns N Petals.Learn more about “Photo: Ferns N Petals.”
Photo: Ferns N Petals.
Photo: The Wedding Design Company.

Table Talk 

Indian weddings are normally not a sit-down affair, so table settings have often been overlooked in terms of decor.  There is, however, a growing trend of elaborate table settings, such as the image below by Vibes Entertainment. So if you want your wedding to be on trend, then this detail should be your focus. Our tip? Use different elements and textures to create a real style statement. 

Photo: Vibes Entertainment.Learn more about “Photo: Vibes Entertainment.”
Photo: Vibes Entertainment.
Photo: F5 Weddings.

Light It Up

Lighting is getting more and more elaborate at Indian weddings. Be it tabletops, or overall decor, this element can truly set a romantic mood for your event. Be it something as simple as lanterns or as wacky as neon signs, there is so much you can work with. Like the tree embellished with lights below by Sajda Weddings, you can incorporate lighting in different ways to make your venue magical.

iluminación bodas
Photo: Santana Photography
Photo: Sajda weddings.Learn more about “Photo: Sajda weddings.”
Photo: Sajda Weddings.

illuminación bodas
Photo: M2 Photography.

iluminación bodas
Photo: Jose Valdez
Photo: Sajda weddings.Learn more about “Photo: Sajda weddings.”
Photo: Sajda Wedding

Props Galore 

A unique way to set your decor apart today is to use props that reflect your relationship and personalities. This not only leaves guests in awe but adds fun elements to your pictures. You could go traditional or bold like 212 The Wedding People have below. So if you are the type of couple who want a fun wedding, we say props are the way to go.

Photo: The Wedding Design Company.
Photo: 212 The Wedding People
Photo: 212 The Wedding People
Photo: 212 The Wedding People
Photo: 212 The Wedding People

So now that we’ve armed you with the best ideas for your wedding there are no excuses for run-of-the-mill decor.

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