Best Seating Styles For An Indian Wedding

Are you getting married on a beach or indoors? Do you have a high number of guests? Do you have a specific theme for your decor? These are all things to consider when choosing your seating arrangements, here's our top tips...

Best Seating Styles For An Indian Wedding
Photo: Romesh Dhamija
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Indian weddings aren’t just about the ceremonious union of two people, they are also an extravagant party that celebrates the coming together of two families. For this reason, you want all your many guests to feel comfortable in your venue, at the same time as being wow’ed by how beautiful it looks.


You may not think it, but wedding decor and guest enjoyment are all about the seating arrangements. The type of seating available for weddings is extensive and varied, but it can really determine the whole look and feel of your big day. You’ll want seating that feels casual if your wedding is a less-formal beach wedding, for example. Or elegantly decorated chairs if you are celebrating in a grand ballroom. So, to help you out a bit, we’ve come up with 4 factors to consider when choosing your seating arrangements. 

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Things to think about:

1. Theme/Style

Each wedding is carefully planned with a particular theme or style in mind. Whether it be a royal maharaja theme with bright colours and rich fabrics, or a pastel-toned fairytale theme with lots of bright flowers and nude hues, you will want your chairs or seating arrangements to fit in.

If you think about it, there will be a chair for every guest taking up the most part of the venue, so it’s vital that they look the part and add style to your themed decor!

Photo: Move’ing Moments
Photo: 1plus1studio

2. Indoor/Outdoor

Another highly important factor to consider when choosing your seating arrangement is the location of the reception or ceremony that you are designing. Will it be inside, with a hard floor? Or will it be outside, on grass, sand or bumpy terrains?

This is a logistical factor, because you don’t want any guests falling off their seats in bad weather! It also comes down to style, too. You may want the colour of your chairs to contrast with the blue skies or seas, for example.

Photo: Romesh Dhamija

3. Capacity

Seating goes hand in hand with capacity, that’s a fact! You don’t want to have too little seats for the amount of your guests, or vice versa. You will also need to check with your venue as to how many people you can comfortably sit in one place, without it feeling too squished. Each venue will have a certain capacity in their license as well, so make sure you don’t go over their limit!

Photo: Wedding Crafter

4. Budget

And last but not least, it goes without saying that every part of your wedding (especially your seating arrangements) depend on your allocated budget for the big day. Seating, due to the quantity needed to accommodate all of your many guests, can be quite expensive. People tend not to budget it in really, either, since it’s normal to plan the costs of the venue, food, outfits and photographer before anything else.

If you have a high budget, then go as elaborate as you can with grand, luxury seating! If you have a lower budget, then don’t worry, simple chairs can be dressed up with white covers and homemade ribbons!

Photo: Oragraphy

We hope these tips and photos from professional photographers have inspired you to be creative and stylish (as well as practical) with the seating arrangements for your special day!


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