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We make memories daily but some occasions give us a different essence of memories. See my new article on the decoration of banquet hall.

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We make memories daily but some occasions give us a different essence of memories. Hyatt Bangalore MG Road says the main essence which gives a bride and grooms a lifetime memory is that their engagement. It is a first most ceremony for their new starting life together. Therefore, your engagement gathering must be enthralling and spectacular. So, that you can share and capture these new memories with your near and dear ones.  Here are a few thoughts which you can use in your engagement enrichments

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Many people are afraid to ask for a detailed proposal. They gather information and numbers from venues but don’t ask to see a real breakdown and final number. R Nathan Photography will give you perfect memories for your wedding. Many venues don’t offer this so couples aren’t automatically scared away by the price tag. However, it gets really overwhelming to try to compare locations side by side when you don’t have a clear number. Every venue has the systems in place to generate those numbers, so ask! A wedding is a huge investment (time, money, energy) and you deserve to know what you are getting before you book.

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From a traditional village hall to an upmarket stately home, your wedding venue will need lots of character and heritage. Bear in mind that some of the popular venues book up to two years in advance so if you’ve got somewhere specific in mind you’ll need to start your inquiries early. The Oberoi Rajvilas will give a perfect location of your wedding theme. If you’re flexible and have a number of venues in mind, you can relax, many venues still have availability a year in advance. If you’re on a budget, why not consider a Friday or Sunday wedding when venues will more than likely offer package deals and cheaper rates.

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When planning a vintage wedding, it’s important to keep your colors subtle and to steer away from that bright, modern look. Think muted tones such as dusty reds and greens to give you that old school, elegant style. You’ll want to use these colors throughout your wedding, from the bridesmaid’s dresses to invitations and wedding stationary. You can go for Vintage Nutters for your invitations.

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Wedding Dress

With today’s economic climate, many brides find themselves working to a budget and so it’s not always essential to go spending thousands on a brand new hand-made wedding dress. Look around on the net and you’re sure to find vintage wedding fairs where you can pick-up a beautiful vintage dress at a fraction of the price. You’ll get best dresses in Patyala Royal Couture. These can then be tailored for that perfect fit and no-one will ever know the difference! To create that definitive look of elegance, you’ll be opting for lace fabrics and ivory tones.

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Fit into

Where ‘modern’ is all about complementing and matching, ‘vintage’ is very much about that natural and home-made look and feel. Your bridesmaids could even each wear a different dress that fits in with the general theme but suits the individual personality and look of the girl. Think about their hair, you don’t necessarily want to mimic that 20’s look exactly so keep it subtle and think about what your bridesmaids will be wearing in their hair too, flowers are definitely something to consider!

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Tables and Decoration

This is where the arts and crafts really begin! From handmade centerpieces and home-made name-tags to shabby chic table plans and decoration. Think old wooden crates, worn down wooden boards and novelty post-boxes. Decorate your side tables with candles and Hessian fabrics, perhaps the odd ornament or even a retro typewriter for guests to type their own personal message. Consider a Polaroid camera next to the guest book as an alternative to the photo booths that are getting so popular these days. There are no rules, borrow your ideas from the web and put your own personality into it.

Photo: Vintage Nutters.

One of the best ways to make your wedding reception have that lovely vintage look is to use vintage china, glass, silver, and linen for your tables. It is so decorative in itself you hardly need anything else. Each table is slightly different from the next, and if you were to display your table centerpiece flowers in pretty old glass vases placed on top of glass cake stands this can be breathtakingly beautiful. Silver candelabra can complete this look with flickering candlelight reflected in the glistening glass to create a very romantic vintage atmosphere.

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