How to have a colourful wedding with black and white theme

Black and white are classics, it’s popular at any time because this colour scheme makes anything stylish and to the point. A black and white wedding is also a cool idea because it’s rather simple to stick to the scheme and very fashionable. You may choose not only a white dress but also a black and white Monika & Nidhii that designed many lovely dresses of these colours. This can be unique themes among all. Black and white is the major colour which defines purity.

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Theme and Accent

There are endless options for having a black-and-white wedding. Formal comes to mind first, but a relaxed event would work as well. Whatever the mood, choose your theme and stick to it to avoid a confusing conglomeration of themes. Believe Happenings can arrange beautiful decor on your black nd white theme. The elegant, Bollywood black-and-white colour scheme is much different than an art deco or modern theme. For an art deco look, add gold or silver to your black and white colour scheme, and spend some time with a designer choosing complementing fabrics and textures. If you’re going for glam, a splash of red here and there (especially with lipstick) will bring the event together nicely, with class.

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Choose your paper wisely, and have fun. Incorporate fabrics into your invitations, or better yet, opt for an invitation printed on one of the several fabric-based papers available. The invitation is the first impression your guests will have, and they set the tone for the rest of the event. Hand lettering and the use of funky fonts can make a huge impact on your black-and-white wedding. You can go for Kankotri Invites which will design exact same invitations according to your wedding.

Photo: Bakery Art by Gauri.
Photo: Kankotri Invites.


This is where the “less is more” concept is especially important. You’ll need discipline and a trained eye (enlist the help of a friend who has a flair for decorating). Most churches and synagogues won’t need a whole lot of decorating; let the flowers you and the bridal party carry do the work here. Most of your time will be spent at the reception, either a banquet hall or restaurant. Classic and simple are the rules here. For the tables, try candelabras as centrepieces. White candles and romantic light work together to create the perfect table decoration. White table linens with black napkins, or vice versa, work nicely.

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This is another place to take the heat off regarding planning. When black and white are your colours, simple is best. For the bride, lay low on the ruffles. Sleek lines, with a little beading or ornamentation near the bottom of the dress, work best. If totally unique is more your style, how about a white dress with black detailing? Have fun with fabrics and textures. Toile, once reserved for draperies and home decor, is beginning to find its way to the wedding scene. Shop online, check out wedding magazines and let your imagination take you. The possibilities are endless. Remember, however, that with black-and-white attire, choose austerity over busy.

Photo: Monika & Nidhii.


Consider taking your black-and-white theme to the max by opting for black-and-white portraits. Timeless and classic, they can also be flattering by eliminating shading and skin tone issues that jump out of a colour photograph. CoolBluez Photography will give a perfect picture which can make your day a memorable day. That said, digital photography allows for the easy transition between black and white, so check with your photographer. A mix of black-and-white and colour portraits might be exactly what you want.

Photo: CoolBluez Photography.
Photo: CoolBluez Photography.


Choosing music for a wedding centred around a black-and-white theme should be a relatively easy venture. For the reception, a jazz quartet would fit in nicely, as would a small orchestra, or string quartet. In addition to being a class act, the black-and-white wedding can also save you lots of money. There are no shoes to dye, and rented table linens are usually cheaper when you don’t have to order special colours. Many banquet halls are happy to use what they have on hand (typically white) and will pass on the savings to you.

Photo: CoolBluez Photography.
Photo: CoolBluez Photography.

Whether you are getting married or are part of the wedding, there are etiquette rules to follow. When planning a wedding, do you know who pays for what, which responsibility is whose and what should be on the wedding planning checklist? If you know how to plan a wedding or hope to plan a wedding someday, there are certain things that need to be followed so as not to incite criticism and embarrassment.

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