Trend Alert: Phulkari Embroidery Is Back In The Limelight

There is one trend in particular that is resurfacing for Indian weddings, and that is the beautiful Phulkari embroidery style. An extremely versatile and vibrant style to incorporate into your Sangeet function!

Trend Alert: Phulkari Embroidery Is Back In The Limelight
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Indian weddings are colourful and lavish when it comes to rich fabrics and traditional artisanship, the bride is adorned from head-to-toe, and every single guest makes an effort with their ceremony and reception attire. But there is one trend in particular that is resurfacing, and that is the beautiful Phulkari embroidery style.

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With origins in Punjabi folklore, Phulkari employs the use of darn stitch with silky, coloured thread. The pattern involves motifs in a geometric grid, with vertical and diagonal thread work, inspired by flowers and animals.

This embroidery dates back to the 15th century, traditionally associated with Sikh heritage but later shared among Hindus and Muslims too. After the partition of India in 1947, the demand for this style was lost… but now it’s making a comeback.

Here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate Phulkari into your wedding:

1. For the vibrancy

Throughout time Phulkari has evolved to dress brides, family, and guests at ceremonies and celebrations, but one thing has not changed: the colours. Think joyous blues and bright reds, oranges and greens, there is never a dull moment when you are wearing Phulkari.

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2. For the practicality

The fantastic thing about Phulkari is that is incredibly easy to wear, without sacrificing style. It’s a form of embroidery that can be worked onto any fabric, so it is not limited to seasons, you can wear it any time of the year.

It is versatile too, dress it up for a dazzling bride or dress it down for a daytime look. Phulkari’s wearability is what is making it so popular worldwide.

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3. It’s all the rage in Bollywood

The beautiful Phulkari embroidery trend became big after the Bollywood blockbuster, Phillauri 2017, and is still on pointThe movie, if anything, gives you a plethora of examples of how to look stunning in this traditional Indian craftwork.

Movie: Phillauri

4. To be both on trend and traditional

We think that Phulkari is the perfect option for your sangeet, as it especially ties in with Punjabi traditions. Your sangeet will be one of the most talked about pre-wedding events, so make it colourful and extravagant by wearing and incorporating modern versions of this stunning age-old craft.

Phulkari Sangeet Photo: Exquisite (via Pinterest)

So, if you’re looking for a particular theme or pattern to incorporate into your wedding, then look no further. phulkari embroidery provides an exquisite and vibrant touch and is incredibly versatile yet modern.


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