Top 5 Reasons To Get Married In India

From geography to gastronomy, from music to language, every few hundred kilometres in India in an altogether new experience.

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India isn’t just one nation. She is, in fact, the coming together of a number of cultures, each distinct from the other, and yet connected by an invisible thread. From geography to gastronomy, from music to language, every few hundred kilometres in India in an altogether new experience. It’s little wonder then, that India is quickly becoming one of the world’s favourite places for couples to tie the knot. Here, we give you five more reasons you should seriously consider getting married in India. And the five places at which you could declare your love for your special someone.

1: The tranquility of nature


 Kerala If a quiet, peaceful wedding in the lap of nature is what you seek, look no further. Kerala, God’s own country offers you quaint beaches, silent backwaters, gentle hills and delectable cuisine served on banana leaves. Everything, in short, to make your wedding night come alive just they way you’ve always hoped. The Zuri Kumarakom offers you all of this with their signature touch of luxury.

2: The magnificence of kings

Rajasthan A wedding fit for royalty is a wedding fit for you. And there aren’t too many places in the world better suited to boast royalty than India’s Rajasthan. From romantic sand dunes, to hilltop views that will take your breath away. From centuries-old palaces of Jaipur to the bright colours of Jodhpur, Rajasthan brings all things kingly to the grand wedding of your dreams. And one of the finest venues in the state is 1944’s Umaid Bhawan.

3: The intimacy of the sea

Goa The sun goes slowly down, the sea breeze flows over an intimate ceremony, faint local music pours in from the distance, and the couple says, ‘We do’. That, in a nutshell, is the charm of a wedding on the beachfront in Goa. Goa, which is India’s own gateway to the gorgeous Arabian Sea, and to all things romantic. Add to this the Seaside Lawns of the Park Hyatt, and you have the perfect wedding.

4: The charm of the old world

Bengaluru While it has bustled into the technology hub of the country, Bengaluru continues to retain its charm from the olden days. And it shows in its tree-lined by-lanes, in its proximity to gorgeous hills, in its respect for tradition, and in its love for the simplest and grandest of celebrations. And if a grand celebration is what you want for your wedding, the Palace Grounds owned by the Mysore royal family is the answer for you.

5: The pulse of life

Mumbai If there’s one place the entire country of India knows and understands, it’s Mumbai. The financial and cultural capital of India, where the stars of Bollywood live alongside India’s common man. Where life and time take on a new fast-paced meaning. Where millions give wings to their dreams. And for the truly young at heart, this is the place to get married, amidst all the buzz, the life, the energy. And in this heart of the country, the ITC Grand Central brings to your wedding all things luxury.

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