5 tips to select your ideal wedding venue to enjoy the whole wedding ceremony

Choosing a perfect wedding venue is a real nightmare for many of us.Finding a suitable hall is no less than finding a suitable boy! So use these tips to select your ideal wedding venue.

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India is a country rich in it’s heritage and culture. People here celebrate each of their occasions in a unique way. Weddings are most special occasion here. Once the marriage is fixed, the first thing that you need to consider is finding the wedding venue. Marriages are all about making wonderful memories. It is more like exchanging the 7 vows a more elegant affair. “Selecting a perfect wedding location is the most important part of a wedding. Once you plan about your ideal venue, all other arrangements fall in place. Before making a final decision on your venue selection, you need to look for several aspects which are an integral part of any wedding nowadays” Happyframes.

savePhoto: Happyframes.
Photo: Happyframes.

Number of Guests


God, the mysteries of counting the number of people to invite to your wedding is a mystery itself. Predicting the expected turn-out from the number of invitations to be sent is a headache in itself. It depends on numerous factors like how early you send out invitations, what day of the week is your wedding scheduled, whether it falls in a particular season, how accessible the location is and other reasons.

savePhoto: Happy Frames.
Photo: Happy Frames.

It is impossible to predict the actual number but you would want to get as close as possible. Under-predicting will pop up your last minute changes while counting more people can result in wastage. For all these stuff your need a wedding planner and Yesha D Weddings can help you with small to big problems related to your wedding.

savePhotos: Yesha D Weddings.
Photos: Yesha D Weddings.


From all the services and arrangements you make to treat your guests, food is something they would talk about for a very long time to come. No matter how fantastic your music is or how attractive your decorations looks, bad food can blow it all away. You need to be very careful in choosing a venue offering great food to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. Have food tasting sessions and also visit them to ensure they maintain proper hygiene. You need a great venue to make your guests feel amazing and Umaid Bhawan Palace can surely make it look grand.

savePhoto: Happy Frames.
Photo: Happy Frames.
savePhoto: Umaid Bhawan Plalace.
Photo: Umaid Bhawan Plalace.


To include alcohol or not, will surely be one of the topics that will storm your mind. Alcohol has its pros and cons, but in case you decide to treat your guests with the liquid courage, you need to know the limitations of the venue. There are venues that don’t allow liquor in certain areas; whereas, there are some which do not allow at all. Check with the management if they would let you bring liquor from outside.

savePhoto: Happy Frames.
Photo: Happy Frames.

Also, make a note of the license and charges and do not forget to add them to your list to keep a check on the amount. With modernity mixing with tradition, Indians are becoming more experimental in their wedding. Maximum numbers of couples are going the unconventional way. You need that awesome outfit to rock your wedding and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop can help you out.

savePhoto: Pernia's Pop-Up Shops.
Photo: Pernia’s Pop-Up Shops.


One of the important factors that are directly attached to your wedding’s success is its ambiance. Guests should be able to relax, interact with one another and enjoy the ceremony. See the venue’s existing décor and interior and compare it with the designs in your mind. This should give you a clear idea if the venue can be decorated to provide the kind of ambiance you want. You want to look attractive and for that, you need perfect makeup. So Parul Garg can be your savior that day.

savePhoto: Happy Frames.
Photo: Happy Frames.
savePhoto: Parul Garg.
Photo: Parul Garg.


An ideal location can set off your guest’s traveling inconveniences. Choose a venue which is closer to the airport and railway station if the majority of guests attending your wedding are coming from far away. For a destination wedding, it will be ideal to choose a venue outside the city area to ensure your guests enjoy your big day in peace away from the noise of the city. In addition to the location, also look for venue’s parking capacity. Parking should ideally be close to the venue and well-li. Tips to choose the ideal wedding invitation card.

savePhoto: Happy Frames.
Photo: Happy Frames.

Naturally, your venue will be a reflection of things you and your man already like. Whatever you decide, giving some thought to it could seriously rev up the wedding celebrations. How to select Sangeet songs for your dance ceremony.

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