6 Ways to avoid arguments in your relationship

Relationships are no doubt amazing. But the arguments lead them to a totally different direction. Learn how to avoid them!

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Every relationship starts off as an amazing one, and most of them start turning sour as time passes by. Argument is something that harms the relationship. Some do it by yelling at each other, and some by avoiding contact and conversation. It is one of the main reason as to why a relationship comes to an end. Arguments always result in hurting the feelings of the other and disenchantment. We have an Expert Advice from Tarun Jha from Tarun Jha Photographyand he says “Arguments should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it might just lead to something serious and the result would not be so good.”

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

There are many things that one should understand, just to avoid the arguments.

1. Anger is not destructive


There are two types of feelings when someone is extremely upset; anger and rage. Anger is something that burns the soul of a person from inside, and the thing that a person does to overcome is share everything with someone and let the feelings out. Whereas, rage is something really destructive, and urges the person to break things. So, letting out your feelings with your partner sounds more sensible than breaking things or hurting them, right?

2. Don’t raise your voice

Raising your voice would just lead the matter to an unexpected level. A raised voice would just hurt more feelings of your partner, which definitely would not take your relationship to a positive direction. If you feel you are going to raise your voice, then don’t even think about it. Instead, you can talk softly and communicate, which would help the anger cool down faster.

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

 3. Share problems

If you have an issue with something your partner is doing, it is advised to share it out with them. Sharing it would make you feel lighter, and would make them understand about what is really long and would also not have any scope for an argument. This is one of the best ways to avoid an argument. As you know, sharing is caring. So, if you share well with your partner, it would just lead to a caring and understanding relationship, that would eventually keep both of you happy!

4. Don’t threaten

Threatening your partner would not just make room for a huge argument, but also increase the chances of them leaving you forever, and  watching the one you love go away is probably the worst thing EVER! Threatening is not the only option to convince the other for something. If they do not want to do what you wish for, you just can not force them! Instead, you have to respect their decision and move on! You can also refer to Things Males Should Avoid in a Realtionship and Things Females Should Avoid in a Relationship for a better future.

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

 5. Don’t abuse

Abusing your partner would just make things worse. This not just hurts their feelings, but also hurting their ego. Abuse may include verbal abuse, physical abuse or mental abuse, which are all very harmful for you and your partner. If your arguments lead to this level, you need to leave that person ASAP, as that would haunt and torture for your entire lifetime. You can also file a police complaint, if the relationship reaches up to this level of torture.

6. Talk about the feelings

Talking about the feelings is really essential in a relationship. This results in approaching the situation in a really safe way. Sometimes, the things just need to be more verbalized. An argument can very well be avoided if your partner knows how exactly you feel. Getting angry about something clearly means that you need to talk about that particular problem with your partner, in order to avoid big and dirty arguments, which can lead to major issues.

savePhoto: Tarun Jha Photography.
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

Research shows that the couples who argue more than twenty percent of the time are probably not going to survive for a long time. You can also refer to Live Happily Ever After in your Relationship for a long and healthy relationship with your partner. Live a happy life, and avoid getting in to relationships!

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