7 Tips to have the perfect Honeymoon - The best start to your marriage!

After your perfect Wedding, you would want a perfect Honeymoon too, right? Here are the ways to have one!

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You have already passed your Wedding, and every thing has been perfect. Now it is time to go to the Honeymoon, a unique trip that you can only live once in life, and in which all you have to do is, enjoy! But for this to happen with full happiness, you need to do some things in advance, so that this special trip turns out to be even more special than it was planned. Shubhangi Trehan tells you about the same!

savePhoto: Trawel Mart World Tours.
Photo: Trawel Mart World Tours.

1. Have the suitcase ready

Never leave your packing to the last minute. This results in you forgetting things, that might be really useful for you when you are at your honeymoon. Being ready well in advance would just make it easier for you before you leave, and also save you from the last minute tension. Although before the Wedding you have many things to prepare, reserve the space to do it, or the least you can do is make a list with all the essentials. This would help you see what you would really need towards the end, so that you can keep them ready, or buy them if required. Here are some ways telling you about how to pack your suitcase for your Honeymoon!

2. Documentation up-to-date

If you are planning to go abroad for your Honeymoon, then your ID’s must be up-to-date. If you arrange your ID’s at the last moment and find that your passport is not renewed, then this would definitely create a problem, as this is something that takes a lot of time. So, look in advance that your documents are in order, and do not expire while you are in your trip. You can contact Trawel Mart World Tours to plan your Honeymoon, if you want to travel somewhere abroad, so that you can have a good time, right after your special day!

savePhoto: Trawel Mart World Tours.
Photo: Trawel Mart World Tours.

3. Time for relaxation

Relaxation is something that is very important. Filling the day with activities, and not stopping for a second can exhaust you, and can make you enjoy neither the experience nor yourself, as you tend to get really cranky, and start disliking everything. So take it easy and reserve some time for a relaxed dinner, to stroll around having an ice-cream, or to have a wine with your Husband. Relaxing does not mean sleeping the entire day. Just take some time out from your entire day, and have fun the rest of the time! Well, there are ways you can make your man feel special, so that he starts loving you even more than he did before.

4. Plan as a couple

Do not let your Husband make all the decisions of the activities involved at the Honeymoon, nor take them unilaterally. Talk and communicate about this to see what is it you both want to do and give up, so that no one is left without doing something that you feel like. Do not shy away, and speak your heart out. If you want to do some thing or go some where of your choice at your Honeymoon, then make sure that your partner is aware about it. If he is not really aware about what you want to do, then there are chances of you not enjoying properly at your ow special holiday. It is obvious that the weather keeps changing. Confused about the casual jewellery that you want to take to your Honeymoon? Don’t worry! Have a look at Farah Khan’s collection of casual jewellery, that is sure to make you go ga-ga over it.

savePhoto: Farah Khan.
Photo: Farah Khan.

5. Keep your medicine cabinet ready

Prepare a kit with all the medicines that you use regularly, and add the specific ones for your trip as headache or dizziness pills. As you are at your Honeymoon, it is pretty obvious that the two of you would try and explore new places, that you have not been to before, and you never know how those places are. You are also bound to discover new adventures and activities, that could result in severe headache and dizziness. So having pills for this is important. Keep every other type of pill, like pills for digestion, allergy, after-sun, and every possible thing that you can think of! It is better to be prepared well before in advance and take all precautions, isn’t it? Here is a mini guide to the perfect Honeymoon, so that you can have truck loads of fun.

6. Prepare a surprise

Being done with you Wedding does not mean that you can not have some special details with your partner. You can surprise your partner with many things at your Honeymoon, so that it turns out to be a more special and memorable experience than expected, not just for you but for him as well. You can either plan a special lunch or dinner, with the place decorated nicely, or you can even surprise him at the room the two of you are staying in. You can get the room decorated, or you can even decorate it yourself, so that it has that lovable and charming impact on him. You can also gift him a suit from Maahirah,that would be useful for him for official purposes, and that would definitely add on to the list of surprises!

savePhoto: Shubhangi Trehan.
Photo: Shubhangi Trehan.

Making your Honeymoon special is as important as making your Wedding special. A perfect Honeymoon has the chances to bring you and your Husband closer, and that you start understanding each other in a better and mature way! Here are a few things that your Husband wants to hear from you, but would never tell you.

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