How to make your wedding delightful time for your wedding guests

Weddings are common but what makes them diffrent from each other is how you plan it.

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It is surely everyone’s dream to have a wedding which is talked about by everyone and that, only for good reasons. You all know the concept of Indian weddings already; a number of events one after the other planned up for 3-4days, people filled with energy and emotions and great food smelling around you. But what’s that which is going to make your wedding stand out of the crowd of all other weddings? It’s the idea that you have for your wedding. And the best part is that, your idea is unique, just like you and this is enough to make your wedding a fun event. According to our expert from the wedding planning company Wedding Concepts LLP, “the bride and the groom should plan the wedding together and go for a destination wedding. This is the best idea to invite the guests from both the sides and throw a party together. Also, since the guests are limited and the planning team take care of everything, the couple do not need to worry about anything as everything goes into an ease“. Well, what it requires is, your unique idea, some imagination and creativity and there you go, all ready to add some excitement to your wedding. Read along some ways through which you can add extra fun to your wedding.

savePhoto: Weddig Concepts LLP
Photo: Weddig Concepts LLP

Something different


According to the expert from Elite Caterers, the very amazing wedding catering company, “Simplicity is what we believe in. We believe in providing the best experience possible to our clients by handpicking the raw materials and vegetables and by preparing them in the most authentic way. The trends have changed and now along with the taste of food, preparation and decoration also matters.“. You can have a small ice-cream parlor set up in the set of some snow planet or can have artificial snowmen around it, or have the bar in the set-up of a fancy boat into a little water where people can sit and enjoy, this will be really fancy and add to the feels. Such things really act as the fascinating factors and people would never stop praising you for your wonderful planning.

savePhoto: Elite Caterers
Photo: Elite Caterers

Unique invites

Don’t forget to lay emphasis on your wedding cards as they are the very first thing which give your guests the excitment about your wedding, says our expert from the renowned wedding invitation company Perfect Invitescombine all the elements of your wedding in your invite so that your guests get the necessary details in a short note. The card should be reflective of your theme for instance, you can add a luggage tag to the invitation card for a destination wedding or a list of wardrobe essentials for some beach wedding or theme based wedding. Not only that, GIFs are very much popular these days as they can be sent on the social media and deliver the wave of excitment with all the required details.” So make sure that you have got the best one in your pocket!

savePhoto: Perfect Invites
Photo: Perfect Invites


There are wedding where a whole set of orchestra is set-up but the music is still very dull and boring. We have Dj Jashnn who is going to bring life to your party. According to the expert, “music should be set according to the mood of the people and also the age group should be taken into considerations. There is a diffrent taste of all people belonging to diffrent regions like for instance, Rajasthani people and Gujrati people have diffrent music taste so such factors should be taken into the note“. You should know that music plays a very important role in changing the aura of the event. The music should be very much lit and energetic which doesn’t mean to play tacky songs in your wedding but just the one which everyone is going to enjoy  and tap their feet on.

savePhoto: Weddig Concepts LLP
Photo: Weddig Concepts LLP

Couple games

Generally in weddings, people come, meet the couple, greet everyone and have their food and go. You can make a twist with this un-written plan. You can tell your planner to organize some games where only couples can participate as it is a celebration of a couple. There is a long list of such games, newspaper dancing, singing, dancing together, just to name a few. This way everyone will be able to feel included and a certain level of excitement can be put into them. This should not be very much long and stretched; it can simply be organized when almost everyone has arrived so that there are maximum participants. Read 5 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Your WeddingGifts should be distributed to all the winners and also to those who has participated as a token of thanks to make this plan successful.


This is the most important part where your wedding decoration is going to take its shape. Your wedding theme is going to decide how much wonderful your wedding is going to be. Try to go for something different which everyone should feel a part of. Don’t go for the odds as you cannot take such big chance on such a big occasion of your life. Have a look at How to make all your guests part of your wedding?

savePhoto: Perfect Invites
Photo: Perfect Invites

Also, children are the ones who face the most boredom in the wedding. So, there should be some arrangements done for them like, set up a small play-ground full of toys and other things where they can have fun. Enjoy reading How to take out time for sweet moments with your partner during wedding chaos

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