How to take out time for sweet moments with your partner during wedding chaos

You should never miss a chance to tell your partner how much you love them.

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Wedding is the time when everyone involved in it are so much busy with so many things that they merely get time for themselves. However, no matter however crucial this time is, it is really very special for the bride and the groom. For them, it is like a dream come true to get married with the one they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with. Although it is good enough to make them feel special all the time, things can be even better if both the partner put some extra efforts to make their partner feel extra special during their wedding preparation and ceremonies. Share some great moments with your partner in front of Neytra Photography, an expert wedding photographer who share her wise words. According to her, “the couple should first of all keep themselves calm and help their partner to do the same. It’s a big day for them and things will go peacefully if they keep themselves composed. The groom can send his partner some cute notes through her sisters or can give them to her by himself. It is Important to keep complimenting the bride as she is always concerned about her looks especially during the wedding this will make her feel very special . The bride can similarly send some home-made chocolates or something.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Cheat meet

Well, traditionally in Indian culture it is believed that the bride and the groom must not see or meet each other during the period of post- engagement until they are married to each other. They can only see each other on their wedding day and obviously, this is not followed by most of the couples these days. After all, what is the fun in getting married if you do not meet your partner by fooling everyone? So while you and your partner both are busy in doing the preparations for your wedding, plan for some often meetings without telling anyone. We have a piece of advice from our expert from Cambay Granda perfect destination to have a romantic date with your partner. According to them, “the best way to spend time alone with your partner is to go to a place which is away from the city. It will make your mind hassle free and the area will of course, be very much favorable to have a quality time“. This will make your adrenaline rush go insane and will increase the level of excitement to see each other even more and the wait to get married to each other will become even more punishing. Do not forget to take some beautiful flowers for your pretty lady and the pretty lady should not fail at winning the heart of her handsome man yet over again by dressing beautifully

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography


The best part of Indian wedding is that it has a lot of ceremonies in it. Read these 7 Tips to make sure your partner keeps loving youYou will get to see your partner for a lot of time and that too, all dressed in the beautiful exclusive dresses she has bought just for you. Do not miss a chance to compliment your partner. Well, now you may think what is new in that? Folks, do not simply hush into your partner’s ear about how beautiful he or she is looking, tell it in front of everyone. Yes, that’s the exciting part. Do not be ashamed of complimenting your partner and praising her in front of everyone. This is going to make her feel a lot special. You can just wink at her or maybe mock something or do some gestures indicating what is in your mind.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Tell them things

You all must have experienced that phase when you and your partner talk endlessly on phone or cannot wait to see each other often. If not experienced then you will, soon. Well, knowing about how much special this time and how much butterflies flicker into your stomach during those moments, do not forget that it is the time when your partner is going to know a lot of things about you and you are going to know the same from your partner. It is really special when someone opens up completely in front of you, tells you about its life’s entire journey and shares all the darkest secrets with you. Tell your partner that they are special for you in the most indirect yet best way; by simply telling about yourself, what are your fears and strengths and all that you have not told anyone in your life. Asthetika will give you some really special wedding gifts for your guests.

Photo: Neytra Photography

Ask for opinions

During your wedding preparation, you have to go for the shopping a lot of times and not just for the outfits but also for many other things related to the decoration, etc. And not just shopping, you will have to make a lot of decisions about your wedding planning. Do not forget to ask for your partner’s opinions before taking any decisions. This way you will get to know about their choices and they will feel respected and good about how you consider their opinions to be important for you. Go to Ethnic Cotler for amazing wedding outfit collection for groom. However, the expert from the same company says that “a person can gift his or her partner an outfit for the pre-wedding or post-wedding occasional actvities like photoshoots or anything. This will surprise the other person and also will be a very sepcial gift“.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

With this, we wish you a happy married life. You should not just focus on making your partner feel special; make them feel the same for the rest of your lives too. Read 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

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