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Marriage is not a contract or commitment; it is a covenant. Try and follow the above suggestions to achieve your wedding goals!

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There are actually no goals in marriage. It is the deal of two hearts that choose to spend their entire life with one another, holding each other tightly in the bosom. The goal in marriage is not to think alike but to think together. When you are in a relationship, your ultimate goal is to get married. And after the wedding, you have a long list to take care, be it your partner, the family, job and so on. In taking care of the priorities you forget the actual essence of a married life. So to achieve your wedding goals with beautiful pictures by Stories by Joseph Radhik, here are some suggestions.

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik.

Spending Quality Time

“I stole her heart and she stole my name”, this is what happens when your feelings towards each other are of an undying nature. The crux of wedding is that ever-lasting love relationship which both of you should always cherish and enjoy. This could be made even stronger by spending quality time with one another. For this you could arrange the most fascinating honeymoon for your beloved. Travelling around the world is definitely enjoying your freedom but with her by your side would make the trip all the more exciting and thrilling. You would treasure those moments and it would assist you in achieving your first and foremost wedding goal.

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik.

Knowing about the Family

The next wedding goal for both the groom and the bride is to know about the family of the partner. The bridal couple marries not just with one person but with the entire family. For the bride, it is more crucial to know the family because it is she who has to adjust and be with them. Gifts as always play very important when it is about to know one another and to start the conversation so begin with Gifts by Meeta. To achieve this goal all you need to do is to be very friendly in your attitude and learn about the traditions of that family. See guys, every family has some or the other custom which is the trademark of that family. So try and acquaint yourself with that. Adjustment does not mean killing your views but in a long run, you would make a special place in that family as an indispensable member.

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To be more like Friends

Friends are like mirrors and shadows. Mirrors reveal reality and shadows reveal certainty and assurance. Friends are always there to help, guide and console us. The next wedding goal should be to have a relationship that never dies and this could be possible when you are more than husband and wife. Your partner should have the assurance in you that no matter what you would always be there to support you, hold you tight, hug you and wipe your tears. It is normally seen that husbands and wives would take each other for granted after sometime of their marriage. But it does not happen with friends. So your wedding goal should be to keep your relationship more of friends than of couples. You need to give each other some space. Remember that if you try to control unnecessarily then things would turn worse. Giving freedom or space would be appreciated by your spouse and his adoration towards you would increase more and more.

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik.

Complete one another’s Imperfection

Friends none on this planet is perfect. Two persons with some sort of imperfection come together as wedded couple so as to complete and compliment one another’s imperfection. Wedding rings are worn not as an ornament but to remind you again and again that the promises you made are not for easy things but for things which would require lot of courage and complete each other with a delicious taste of love from Bon Gateau. You as partners should aim to stand by each other’s side always and never to let anyone feel embarrassed. So the next goal of your wedding should be to be a strong pillar for one another. This could be achieved by believing in your partner and encouraging him/ her to pursue the dreams.

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To be an Inspiration

Every couple wishes to be the best in the world and to be a source of inspiration to others. You could very well fulfill this goal by always respecting each other’s views. If you adore one another then those feelings would be highlighted on your face and the contentment would be visible in your relationship. You should always appreciate each other publically, this would enhance the confidence of your partner and his/ her sentiments for you would grow more and more each day. In this way you could be an ideal couple for others who aspire to get married.

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik.

Two people are in this relationship not because they fancied it but because it was already decided in the heaven above. So your goal should be to keep this sacred relation secured and sailing.

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