5 things to avoid to make your marriage to last!

Do not be afraid that because your spouse multiplies the parties between friends you will run the risk of infidelities because paradoxically, it is the couples who grant the most freedom that remain the most faithful.

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We know that routine is a scourge, that we must constantly revive the flame and the key thing remains, not to let go. Do not let go your beautiful memories and keep them alive by getting them all captured by Subodh Bajpai Photography. But sometimes some symptoms are more insidious and install themselves little by little, slyly. Because sometimes it is reasonable to avoid certain simple things to live a long lasting relationship. These 5 things should be absolutely avoided for your marriage to last.

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Clinging to one’s torque


Do not neglect your friends, they form your air bubble, your decompression airlock, an escape necessary to fight the tensions, to change the ideas but especially to feel like existing as clean person, in full part. Old couples are all familiar with this phenomenon of “we”, which gradually replaces the “I”.  The couple eventually becomes a full-fledged entity that absorbs individuals with the effect of lassitude and progressive extinction of the flame. Who’s fault is it? The idea that, because we love each other, we must make and envy the same things: ” If you do not like me, it is because you do not love me enough’, implicitly translated. Some particularly “insecure” people may feel challenged and judged if their spouse does not share all their tastes. Read about these 10 Things men Should Avoid in Relationship.

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Living as Roommates

Admitting moments alone or with friends can do a lot of good for your couple, but do not go from one extreme to the other! You share the races, the daily life of the children and the charges of the apartment. But do you actually lead parallel lives? Stop everything, give yourself moments in pairs, and especially share passions! Also, the relationship must be regularly questioned. A couple is not an established relationship once and for all. It moves with time, it is shaken, damaged, asleep, but does not cease to evolve with life. Tell each other why you love yourself, not with the words of the first days, but with those of today. Love does not necessarily weaken, it takes other faces. Many couples think that they love each other because they live together. What if you say you are together because you love each other? Not for the pleasure of testing the Coue method, but to take the risk that it is still true. These 7 Things girls should avoid in relationship will help you more for sure.

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Un-Surround yourself with the bad people

If you have to maintain the connection with your loyal and well-intention friends, then sort by those who might have a bad influence on your couple. Unfortunately, the black sheep are everywhere in nature and sometimes your happiness arouses jealousy among the other. It is therefore essential not to be influenced and, if necessary, to get rid of unwanted and profitable friends. Being negative will only increase your torque conflicts. Bring some good vibes in your life by spending time alone together and get your trip planned by Jag Holiday & Destination for the best experience. Friends must have a prominent place in your life but must never take the place of the partner. Although friends are indispensable, you have to know how to surround yourself to avoid conflicts, to avoid harming oneself for nothing and especially to avoid bad advice.

Zapper caresses and cuddles

Make your partner go all ‘sweet’ by getting a very delightful cake from Dessert Craft. Difficult to find the passion of the beginnings at the end of several years: One exchange the famous “French kiss” for small kisses exchanged negligently in the hurry, the physical contacts become rarer and the sexual relations become to some the fact of the Large Occasions. In short, your sexuality of couple runs a bad cotton and it is the very opposite that must be impelled! What happens so that your couple does not respond to the injunctions that are made to make love often and joyfully? And if you start by removing your head that it is by playing on the quantitative aspect that the sexuality of your couple will be renewed? Treat yourself to the challenge of quality. Make love once a month maybe, but make this moment a real, scheduled, announced, fantasized rendezvous.

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Distributing the daily tasks unevenly

Often dealt with on the theme of fun, the division of daily tasks can turn out to be a real problem when the gap widens regarding the participation of everyone. This is supported by the University of Alberta’s study conducted in 2015 that shows that couples who did not share household duties were less satisfied with their relationship and less likely to have sex with each other. An inequality that can generate strong tensions seriously deteriorates the couple relationship. Take some time out and go for a very romantic dinner date at Taj Lake Palace. Ryan Howes, a psychologist, explains that “the question is not who is manic and who is frenzied: what counts is whether one can be flexible, and the other, Little by little, “he said, “Resentment can accumulate. It is, therefore, useful to take stock frankly of each other’s priorities regarding the condition of the house.”

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Living together is much easier than falling in love, and after knowing 6 Ways to avoid arguments in your relationship it’s sure you will become the perfect couple in the near future!

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