7 Things girls should avoid in relationship

Ladies!! your love life needs a constant careful attention and nurturing. Avoid these silly mistakes and win over your weakness, love each other and be thankful for a happy relationship.

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As saying goes everything needs balance and so any relationship too. The responsibility lies in the hand of couples, they can make it either the perfect one or the worst one. We have seen when relationship is going well, couples spread positive vibes and when it’s not they started screaming and destroy their love life. Obviously both are responsible but usually woman in any relationship have seen the one who take initiative to resolve any conflicts but the result doesn’t come in their favor every time. Also discover How to fight those Wedding nerves: Expert Advice Dr.Manjula Bhati.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

Making mistakes is natural though we are humans but nowadays it is trending, we make mistakes then blame others and finally end up with the worst. No one is perfect and making mistakes is in our human tendency but what goes wrong is we continuously make mistakes without giving any thought that it could bring so much negativity in your love life. To save any relationship woman is the one who can bring the spring and joy in it, and it’s been proved also. But at times even they lose it.12 things you swore you’d never do when you will be in relationship!.

1. Comparison

This brings poison in any relationship whether you are friends or partner for life you should not compare yourself with anyone. Saying goes well ‘We are God’s Masterpiece’, we are unique in our own way. No one could be like us even in looks, skills, talent and personality. We are different and perfect in our own imperfection. Stop comparing yourself with others. Girl you should avoid such an annoying thing as it yields nothing to you except stress and try to grow everyday as an individual.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

2. Overthinking

Have plans for future but in the race don’t lose your control over thoughts. Make plans or wish but don’t ruin your life just to achieve that, nothing is more important than you. Overthinking regarding future creates blunder in relationship, we know you are serious in life but don’t be in a mess because you are serious. Life is in happiness, so live your life to the fullest, god have best plans for you and you just need to believe him and yourself.

Self identity is necessary for every individual and being in a relationship you should also have your own identity. Everyone have their own interest areas and skills, they should excel in it. It would bring more happiness in your life. Work for oneself is the best deed and gift which you can give it to yourself.

4. Trust him

Suspecting your partner is something like adding a spoon of poison to your love life. Woman usually on the top when it comes to suspect their partner. Ladies you should stop suspecting your partner, it’s good to keep in touch all the time, but don’t go too far. You should keep in mind that you’re his beloved and he isn’t going to cheat on you. Spying on your partner will ruin your happy life.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

5. Get rid of rage

When you`re in a happy relationship, you give and take. It`s not an easy task since both of you need to invest time and effort into your relationship. Both of you make mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with that. Discuss your problem and forgive him, if your partner is wrong. It`s not healthy to hold a rage. If you cannot change the situation, then try to change your attitude to it 3 things you need for your wedding to be perfect.

It goes without saying, but still many couples break up because of lie. People often try to acquit their “almost invisible lies”, as they think it`s not harmful and, therefore, not important. But those tiny lies can lead to something much bigger. You may think it`s okay to use small, white lies and then you start to appreciate lying in general. Honesty is crucial in any relationship so try be honest with your significant other and, hopefully, he will be honest with you as well. 10 Lies All Women Tell

You will never build a long term relationship when you take the one you love for granted. Get rid of such a bad habit. Knowing that he is aware of your love isn’t enough. Show your partner how much you love and appreciate him on a daily basis. Don`t let your man forget that he is the only one who’s able to make your life fabulous and your relationship worth to be called magnificent.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

A relationship will never be perfect, no matter how hard you try though we aren’t perfect. Efforts will always pay if it is in the right direction. Don’t forget these mistakes which you usually make and by avoiding these mistakes you will probably save your relationship. Also get the tips through the link How to get a happy and healthy relationship! Which you can also learn from your parents.

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