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  • 12 things you swore you'd never do when you will be in relationship!

12 things you swore you'd never do when you will be in relationship!

Never say never! The guide to how to NOT be that annoying couple.

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We all swear that we won´t become ´that person,´ when we enter a new relationship, however what we all fail to realise is that becoming that person is completely inevitable. When you start spending more time with one person, you begin to pick up some of their habits, habits which were probably ones that once thought you would never do. Here are some of the things that us ladies swore we would never do when single!

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Photo: Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist.

1. The dreaded mobile bug: Find yourself being glued to your mobile? Constantly checking your partners last seen on Whatsapp? Questioning their every move and why they haven´t messaged you back? Slowly you find yourself turning into that annoying girl that you promised you wouldn´t become but this is a classic case and something you cannot help! Try to fight the temptation of being that annoying girl and play it cool – but we all know how hard that can be.

2. Putting your friends second best: Surely your friends understand that you have a new person in your life, but not even they expected you to neglect them in a way where you spend all your time with your new beau. This can often lead to a lot of arguments and feelings are left being hurt. Try to avoid this by appreciating your friends, who don´t forget, have been there for you through everything!

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Photo: Mahima Bhatia.

3. Talking about the same situation: Everyone does it and you simply can´t help it! When you are in a new relationship you get a bad habit of talking about the same situation over and over again. Although you may love talking about this, it can get extremely tiring for the other person, so maybe next time you´re about to have an outburst just stop and think if its actually a relevant one!

4. Facebook Official: Most people have this illusion that unless its on FB its not official. STOP! That is the biggest red flag! In order to keep your relationship happy and successful it is best to keep it low key for now and then when you feel more comfortable start becoming more open and public about it. FB isn´t the be all or end all of things.

5. Send the first text: Females are under the impression that the guy should always message first, but why? This is the 21st Century, if you want to send that text you send it! You have nothing to be afraid of.

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Photo: Knotty Days.

7. Emoji Lover: We are living in a generation full of emoji crazy people! Sometimes do you question if you are over-doing the emojis or if your message is too serious? These are things that you do not need to worry about, if you want to send that emoji you send it! Life is way too short to be worrying about these things, when in the end none of this matters.

8. Meet & Greet: you may be wondering when you will get to meet your partners friends/family. If you want some advice coming from someone who has been through the same situation, do not rush this process. If you are meant to be you will eventually meet all friends and family at the right time, just don´t rush anything.

9. Take time to get to know each others family: Before jumping the gun and rushing into family matters, make sure you get to know your partners family well. Having a connection with your in-laws is possibly one of the most important factors in married life, without this married life could be a struggle.

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Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

10. Romance is Key: Don´t be ashamed to show love to your partner whether it be a a hug in public or kind words via messages. Nice words and gestures go a long and you will be surprised how at how much this will bring a positive effect on your marriage.

11. Gifts and surprise dates: Wouldn´t it be nice for you to come home to some flowers or a dress waiting for you, ready to go out on a romantic date? Sometimes you need to initiate what you would like for a change as your partner will not always know.

12. Personal Space is a good thing: You may think that being with your partner 24/7 is a healthy sign, however it is one of the most unhealthy things that you could do for your relationship. Give each other some personal space and do your own thing, always remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Have something to look forward to: Randomly excluding dates like valentines day or anniversary´s, you should both set yourself a date which you are excited for and counting down the days for. This way it will make you more excited to see each other and keep the spark going.

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