How to select the Diwali present for your Wife

Diwali being a festival of lights and beautiful colors all around, is a day when the happiness and joy is spread all around. This not just involves in bursting crackers, but also follows a customary trend of the exchange of gifts, may it be within the family, or between family and friends. This festive season, if you are thinking about buying a Diwali gift for your Wife, then you are definitely at the right place. Paramveer from Our Wedding Chapter tells you about the possible gifts that you can buy for your Wife, to see that glow of smile on her face!

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Home Decor

It is often said that women think more about other things, than they think about themselves. This can include you, family, and most importantly, THE HOUSE! A woman never leaves any scope for any one to take out faults in a house where she is currently living. She has the capability to spend the entire day just to make that one thing perfect in the house, which she think is not very satisfying. Keeping this in mind, you can get her a home decorating item, which she would be really happy to see, and would start using it there and then!


Makeup is a woman’s best friend. Have you ever noticed your Wife go out any where without even a pinch of make up? Exactly. So gifting her a cosmetic item like her favorite brand’s kajal, liner, lipstick, and the list can go on and on. You would be very happy to see that when your Wife puts the cosmetic that you gifted her, she would look even more beautiful than ever before!


The most amazing gift for your Wife on Diwali could be an amazing piece of jewellery. She would be more than surprised to see that YOU went shopping for her, out of all the people. The thought of you going to a jewellery store would ,make her happy and bring goose-bumps, rather than looking at the jewellery. Of course she would be more than happy to see your choice of jewellery, but that is a totally different and emotional thing that all the women have in them. If they are very attached to you, then every small thing that you do makes their day, no matter what you do or say to her.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.


If you are totally out of thoughts and do not know at all as to what to get her, then the best idea would be to get or make her a hamper of all the assorted things that she loves. This can very well include cosmetics, accessories, a piece of cloth that she can stitch later, perfumes, her favorite chocolates, flowers, and the list can go on for ever. There is no doubt a variety of hampers that are available in the market, where ever you go. But to make it even more special, why not make the hamper yourself and make her feel even more special for her, so that she feels the love that you have for her, and she would definitely boast about it to her friends and family, which would in turn make you the hero of the festival. Wouldn’t you want that to happen?


Women already have a lot of work, where ever she is. If she is at home, then she has to take take of the things back at home. Similarly, if she is a working woman, then she has to take care of things at office, without any hesitation. An individual can not take too much pressure at one time. This way, you can gift your Wife an exotic holiday to a place of either her choice, or a place that she has always wanted to visit. This would not just make her feel excited about it, but also make her love you even more. What else would you want?

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Being an ideal Husband is really essential to have a healthy married life. Your Wife would love any thing and every thing that you would get for her, because as long as you are doing some thing to make her feel special, she would be very happy. Get her the best Diwali gift, and she would remember it through out the coming years, as women generally do not forget things very easily! Happy shopping to you!

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