How To Make Your 7 Vows Work in Real

Not everyone know how pure is an affiliation of marriege. They would know if they cognize what those "Seven Vows' mean.

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‘Marriage’, not just a word but a beautiful composition of two soulmates, who unite together in a winsome bond, garnered with love, affection and mutual divine. It’s an escapable and yet desirable phase of one’s life. We ought to stand by all the responsibilities and promises that we make to our partner and to our family as well. Just like these promises, ‘The Seven Vows” taken traditionally during the ‘Pherey’ which, is the last and most important event in Indian Weddings should be recurrently practices in each life-situations of  the spouses.

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It is said to be believed that those, who swear whole heartily by these vows, lead a cordially married life. but the question is, how many of them actually know thier meanings and how can they implicate them in their lives.

Let us know how:

First vow 

Teerthvratoudhyaapan yagyakarm maya sahev priyavayan kuryah.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam braviti vaakyam pratham kumari !!

A wife tells her husband that she accepts to be his wife if he take an oath to make her a part of his good deeds and donations and will let her accompany him in ‘Teerth yatra’, acknowledging this, she accepts to his wife.

Second vow

Pujyo yatha svau pitaro mamaapi tatheshabhakto nijakarm kuryaah.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam braviti kanya vachanam dvitiyam !!

A Wife says to her husband to promise that he will always obey and respect her parents just like he obey his parents and that he will make it to all ‘Pooja’ by confiding to ‘kutumb dharm’. With this promise, she accepts to be his wife.

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Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

Third vow

Jeevanam avasthatray mam paalana kuryaah.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam braviti kanya vachanam tratiyam !!

With this vow, wife asks her husband to swear to take care of her in all three phases of life that is, ‘young age’ , ‘middle age’ and ‘old age’ along with all the flora and fauna in house and then, she accepts to be her soulful wife.

Fourth vow

Kutumbsampalansarvakary kartu pratigyaan yadi kaatan kuryaah.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam braviti kanya vachanam chaturth !!

In this vow, wife tells her husband that from now onwards, he is bound to look after all the family concern in future which, he was free of uptill now. Also, he carries a duty to fulfill all the needs of  family in any circumstances. In this way, she inflict in him a sense of responsibility and accepts to be his wife.

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Fifth vow

Svasaghkarye vyavahaar karmanye vyaye mamapi mantrayetha.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam broote vach panchamatr kanya !!

Through this vow, she tells him to make her a part of all the societal, familiarity and marital relationships. He will have to refer to her advises and opinions while doing any kind of money transactions and earning. With this, she accepts to be his wife.

Sixth vow

Na mepmaanaman savidhe sakheenaam dyootan na va druvyasan bhanjashchet.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam braspviti kanya vachanam cah shashtham !!

Sixth Vow is a security that husband will never, in any manner, insult or discourage his wife when she is being with her friends or any other relative or even when she is alone. Wife asks her husband to promise her that he will make distance with all bad influences and will never indulge himself in any unacceptable activities by any means and with this, she accepts to be his wife.

Seventh vow

Parastriyan matrsamaan sameekshy sneh sada chinmayi kaatan kurya.
Vamangamayami tada tvadiyam broote vach saptamamatr kanya !!

In this last vow, she makes her husband swear that he will never make any kind of external relationship with any other women and will treat each lady like his own mother and sister. He will never let anyone else take her part of love from him. This Vow is said to be significant to maintain a mutual love and affection amongst both of them and assures a smooth and cordial relationship between them ever after. And, with this final oath, she announces herself as a loyal, respectful and enduring wife to his husband.

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Not only this, the husband also asks his wife to be loyal to him in any ways and that she will always seek his advises while making any kind of decisions and will never use false words against him in his presence or at his back. He ask her to be a compatible partner and to look after every responsibilities as equally as him. She will always be courteous and polite towards him and her In- laws and will never fail to serve them happiness and with this promise, I accept you as my beloved and soulful wife.

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So people, now that you know what essence these vows carry, go on, make yourself prove these promises to be true forever and let the love fill in the air! and you can also find out How to brighten up your wedding in the most beautiful way.

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