Top 5 wedding makeup artist in Mansarover, Jaipur

Looking good all the time is neither easy nor possible but it is a must to look good on your wedding day and these top best makeup artists will help you in becoming more beautiful!

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For many of us the wedding day is just a day which means food and meeting relatives but for the bride and groom it is not just a normal day but it is a day on which they’ll be creating memories for their whole life. For them, wedding includes lots of planning from wedding venues to choosing wedding shoes and bridal makeup plays a vital role in bride’s planning. A bride needs to look different from her other days on the big day, here are the best makeup artists in Jaipur, choose the best!

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Hair & Beauty Lounge By Ritu- Visit Web


Ritu is the founder of Hair & Beauty Lounge By Ritu which is located in Mansarovar, Jaipur. At Ritu’s Salon, they are dedicated to the evolving of a modern Indian woman and her exploration of beauty. Which type of makeup you want, you just need to tell her, she will give you the perfect look what you ask for according to your occasion. She is perfect at the bridal makeover, airbrush makeup, glitter makeup, nude makeup or fantasy makeup, be an astonishing bride on your dream day!

Makeup: Hair & Beauty Lounge By Ritu.

Pritis Spa & Salon- Visit Web

Right practice makes perfect in their professions, here Priti is having great experience in the field of beauty and makeup, an experience of 22 years. Pritis Spa & Salon offers bridal makeup, pre bridal makeup, party makeup, making in HD. Pritis Spa & Salon’s aim is to make you look classic and stunning on your big day, your big day can be your wedding, birthday, anniversary, reception, house party, etc. Pritis Spa & Salon holds the experienced team who can take care of clients amazingly.

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Makeup: Pritis Spa & Salon.
Learn more about “”
Makeup: Pritis Spa & Salon.

Punarnava- Visit Web

What girls love, makeup and outfits. Every girl wants to look pretty every time so how can they ignore on their most precious day. Punarnava takes care of their clients and makes them look superb on their special days. Punarnava is exclusive beauty lounge for ladies for personal care, spa, and beauty inclined toward the use of Ayurvedic products. They are not only being expert in bridal makeover but in all types of makeups.

Makeup: Punarnava.
Makeup: Punarnava.

Sherendri Glamour & Spa Salon- Visit Web

Beauty and makeup are like the wheels of a cart or the two sides of a coin. Women are beautiful in themselves, but a little makeup does help a lot and it keeps one to make the day better and happier. Sherendri Glamour & Spa Salon is in the business of providing a full range of Beauty-care Services. It always gives the best professional services & products at very reasonable charges. Its team is highly trained and works in professional ways.

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Makeup: Sherendri Glamour & Spa Salon.

Diva Beauty Unisex Salon- Visit Web

Diva Beauty Unisex Salon is well known for its brilliant services, the services which are unmatchable. Diva Beauty Unisex Salon is not only for brides but for grooms too. The team of Diva Beauty Unisex Salon says, that why it is always brides who want to look gorgeous on their wedding day but grooms feel the same for their wedding day. Diva Beauty Unisex Salon is located in Nirman Nagar, Jaipur.

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Makeup: Diva Beauty Unisex Salon.
Learn more about “”
Makeup: Diva Beauty Unisex Salon.

The bride cannot ignore her makeup on her most precious day, just to clear your confusion to go through this list and finalize your makeup partner and trust them to make you look amazing on the most amazing day of your life!

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