How To: Wear Orange Lipstick - Beauty Secrets From Our Brand Ambassadress, Namrata Soni

Remember ladies a gorgeously bold orange lipstick can never look OTT. Check out the beauty secret behind the bold colour by our talented brand ambassadress and award-winning make-up guru, Namrata Soni.

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Namrata Soni is back again with another beauty secret! The renowned and talented make-up artist who has had her works featured in publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar prides her talent. With her main focus being to enhance every bride’s natural beauty, we couldn’t be happier to have Namrata as Zankyou India’s brand ambassadress.

You don’t want to miss this video, in which Namrata gives helpful tips on how to wear a bold orange lip colour. First, she details how to apply the lip colour in a dabbing motion demonstrating on model Jessica Rios. Soni’s inspiration comes from her mother, who she has seen wearing orange all of her life. She notes how orange is a great colour that enhances Indian skin tones. After the dabbing motion, one can go on to apply long strokes across the lip, create a stain, or alternatively go for full on coverage. She suggests the use of a lip liner to define the shape of the lip creating that fresh matte look.

With this video, you can rock a bold orange lip in confidence with the help from Namrata Soni, our talented new brand ambassadress and award-winning make-up guru


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