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How To: Get A Smokey Eye With Kajol - Beauty Secrets From Our Brand Ambassadress, Namrata Soni

Check out How To: Get A Smokey Eye With Kajol - From Our Brand Ambassadress, Namrata Soni. Beauty secrets 101.

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Our brand ambassadress is back again with another beauty secret. Today the renowned and talented make-up artist tells us how to achieve the traditional smokey eye look using kajol from a low cost, budget brand – Avon. A great look for any classic bride that wants to try something new .


So how do you achieve this look? Soni starts by making a super thick line across the eye lid, she recommends layering the kajol for a beautiful, dramtic smokey eye. Using the smudge brush, in soft motions, she smudges the kajol on the eyelid, using variations and tapping motions, to achieve a beautifully rounded effect on the eyelid.

To achieve a dramtic, yet not so over powering look, she lines the lower lash line with the kohl, lifting the eyebrow up slightly to achieve a clean finish. Next, she moves on to lining under the water line. Top Tip: ‘No need to worry if the line is straight, and you can fix it with the smudger brush creating the base with your liner’. This further helps acheive a lovely rounded effect on the corners. For Soni, a true smokey eye is ‘more rounded than caty’. Another top tip: ‘smudge it deeply at the bottom on the water line to achieve a clean blended look’.

You should remember to always wait a couple of minutes before applying the second layer. This is to ensure your eyes stop watering, and settle down. Applying a second layer  ensures the kohl stays on throughout the day or night. The best thing about this classic look is the ability to change the intensity of the smokey eye by applying different colours on top, however remember to first start by applying the black base layer.


So guys, there you have it – With this video, you can rock a bold smokey eye in confidence with the help from Namrata Soni, our talented new brand ambassadress and award-winning make-up guru

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