5 Perfect take aways for your wedding guests

Weddings are so exciting. Full of fun, memories and the best part of it is the gathering of people, whom you decide to share your happy day with. These people are the ones who make your noteworthy day so much more remarkable. Your guests should be the most looked upon people on your wedding and there should be nothing lacking in their honor and pampering. They come along a long way to attend this auspicious occasion of your life and deserve something really novel in favor. There is a never ending list to the best of options regarding wedding takeaways for guests and also 5 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Your Wedding. However, we have tried on our part and pinned down some of the most doable, easy to get and fascinating favors which nobody can ever deny, in fact would love to take away. So get your lists ready to add some of these to give your wedding a perfect ending as adviced by our expert wedding coordinators Party Cruisers and to take the best way to bid a goodbye to your lovely guests.

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Photo: Knotty Days


Memories are never created, they happen to be sudden and stick into your mind automatically. Nevertheless, they can be turned into a tangible form through various means. You can make a photo collage for your guests and leave it wrapped in their rooms. Get a personalized one for everyone and show all of the great moments once and for all in one frame.

Photo: Knotty Days
Photo: Knotty Days

Mason jar

This may be a common gift to give but it never fails at its appeal. Give orders for mason jars containing of sweet messages and tell your guests how great they have been and thank them through these messages in a different way for being good mates in the journey of you getting married. You can also put various candies or anything as a memento in the jar so that they can keep it with them forever.

Photo: Knotty Days
Photo: Knotty Days

Video clip

Bidding goodbye is never an easy task and when it comes to the ending of a wedding celebration, it becomes even harder. Why not get a video clip recorded containing a sweet note for all your guests. This can be a way to tell them that they have been an integral part of your special day and thank them for making their presence felt. The video must have the couple together and may even consist of the family members.

Photo: Knotty Days
Photo: Knotty Days

A cute bag

Now this is something really kiddy yet what everyone would always love to get. A goody bag or a small basket filled with flowers, chocolates, photographs and what not. Get something customized for your guests and keep it in their room and they will get a small surprise when they leave. You can also put different things for different group of people, like a small toy basket for kids or some fancy stationary, some fresh books for the reader ones, some chocolates for the children group, some make-up material for the female one and so on. Widen your world of ideas and your guests will be so much happy to be a part of your wedding.

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Customized tags

Everyone will feel overwhelmed if they will be recognized as something novel in the group. Reward everyone with a special and unique tag or name or title. Get a customized tag for everyone and give it to them with some chocolates or flowers and a ‘thank you’ note. There would be a lot of guests so it may seem really impossible to give everyone a different and unique tag so what you can do is, classify some of them. For instance, ‘best family’ ‘best dancer’s group’ ‘beautiful ladies’ ‘notorious squad’ ‘the vintage ones’ and so on.

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Photo: Knotty Days

We all expect something in return when we invest our time and energy into something. So, don’t disappoint your guests, rather make them feel honored and special ones in your lists. Make their presence felt worthy and bid them good bye in the best way possible. Don’t skip on How to celebrate a themed wedding.

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