5 Reasons to Opt for a religious wedding

Planning out your wedding can be an exciting as well as tough task to do. According our expert Ankita Chugh Weddings planner There are hundreds of options to choose from the variety of getting a base to your wedding. Some people go for traditional wedding, some for court marriage, some for destination wedding and some for typical religious wedding. Be it anything, there is always a pinch of our own tastes and flavors into it to make it a wedding of our own kind. There are some people who belong to a certain religion but go for the wedding of some other religion. Such kind of trend is being followed by many couples these days and mostly, celebrities. Like, for example some Hindu couple would want to get married in the Christian wedding concept.

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There is no second thought in the fact that all the religions are not followed similarly in the different cultures, they vary greatly. Here we are with some reasons why people should go for religious weddings :

They are fun

A person grow up in his own religion, watching around people of his own religion and do some religious stuff as he gets mature, he tends to like his religion more than any other one. There is specific way of celebrating wedding in every religion and they are really different from each other. Going for a religious wedding will be fun as it will ensure that it includes everything that a person has seen until now and what has made him get excited about wedding. Also, if a couple decides to go for other religion’s wedding, as stated above, it can become more fun. Imagine a Sikh couple getting married in the church and following all their wedding rituals.

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For elders

If you are going to get married in the way your religion does up till now, you are surely going to get a lot of blessing from your elders for that. Your grandmother or your parents have always attended such weddings and elder people are much more attached to their religion unlike us, as we have modernized. They would love this decision of your and you would not want to disappoint your elders, right?

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Much love

If you have decided to go for your own religion’s wedding, then you are definitely going to face some difficulties. As such weddings are popular for a fixed set of rituals and ceremonies and small and big beliefs they hold, you cannot afford to miss any kind of details in that. And to fix that up, you will have to seek help from your grandparents or some older member of your family who has a good experience in such kind of situations. And such discussion always leads to a good family time with more love and quality time with everyone. Reading How to celebrate a traditional Indian Wedding may help you a bit.

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Some learning

Now, if you are a Hindu and you wish to get married in the Christian’s style, it will be a totally new experience for you all together. All will have to meet people who belong to that religion and ask them about all the procedure and how things are done. It will be a great experience for you to go to churches, meet fathers and priests, meet your Christian friend or relatives and ask them about it. A new kind of photo album, no? And the best part is, your wedding dress. As there is a huge difference between a Hindu wedding get-up and a Christian wedding get up, you will explore a new beauty in yourself during your make over. Read A mini style guide for wedding guests : 7 tips to coordinate as a couple! Everything will be out of the mains like, your venue, catering, decoration, music and etc.

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Something different

Couples usually go for an ordinary wedding where they can mix up the events from different kinds of wedding and take the essence from all kinds of them. Having a wedding purely aimed at religions customs will be something different. People will really appreciate it and you will also realize that your wedding has ended up being a big topic to talk about for some months at least.

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Well, that’s it from our side. Hope you now are convinced enough by now. A wedding planner is a must and here we have 5 Reasons to hire a co-ordinator for your Wedding and you can get the best one for yourself from some of these best Wedding planners in India

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