How To Be The Best Bridesmaid At An Indian Wedding

Bridesmaids prepare yourself because you ladies have a checklist to be ticking off ensuring that everything is running smoothly during the wedding! Whilst the concept of bridesmaids has not been really popular in India previously, the country is fully adopting this tradition. It may be the level of convenience the service offers that encourages modern day brides in India to choose their team of bridesmaids. Ladies, a little help for your preparations check out  Dipak Studios, a great photographer that will help you capture all amazing moments. Now for some tips that will definitely make you the best out of the lot!

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Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

As it is an Indian wedding, there are so many ceremonies that are to be performed, may it be the Groom’s side or the Bride’s side. For each ceremony, there are certain arrangements that need to be made, and it is the Bridesmaids who we count on for this responsibility. Mainly to ensure everything is sorted, and that everyone is comfortable. These small things are the one that the Bridal couple can not do, as they already have a lot to look after for. Another big responsibility that you have is to make the guests a part of the Wedding. Make sure you know how to do that!

Photo: Dipak Studios.

Bride’s Shopping

The bridesmaids are definitely responsible for the bride’s shopping. The bridesmaids can include siblings or best friends. So, who is better to take to making the shopping easier, other than the Bridesmaids. There are a lot of things that you need to shop for, so that the bride looks the best on her wedding day, and as a result you can take credit for selecting the best for her. Things can include the bridal outfit for each ceremony, jewelry, shoes and all the other accessories. Just to make it easier, you can check out Shrangar for an amazing collection of outfits for the Bride. This would sort things out for you as well, and you would get more time to do more things to make sure that the wedding goes perfectly.

Outfit: Shrangar.
Photo: Dipak Studios.

Helping throughout the wedding planning

The bridal couple cannot do everything by themselves. They definitely need a helping hand, and that is when the bridesmaids are needed the most before the ceremonies commence. Wedding planning is something that is not easy and is not everyones cup of tea. You need to be well prepared regarding all the traditions and must know the circumstances under which you are planning.

Photo: Dipak Studios.

Once the bridal couple knows more about your ideas regarding the planning of the wedding, it would make it easier for them to decide the things that they were pretty much confused about. You can hire Touchwood weddings to be your wedding planner, for an amazing experience but they cannot do anything special unless you give them an idea of what the couple really wants. You can also plan something extra special for the Bridal couple, and give them a surprise on their special day!

Planning: Touchwood Weddings.

Being the host of the ceremonies

Every ceremony requires a host to keep everyone present at the ceremonies entertained, so that people do not get bored, and participate in the ceremonies, to make it a lot better for the Bridal couple, and make them feel even more special. You need to have good managing skills because it is not just the elder guests that you have to keep entertained, but there will be kids present at the ceremony too! Kids are one of the kind of beings who are very difficult to handle. Know how to get the guests off their cell phones while the ceremonies are being performed. Being a good host can fetch you some amazing compliments.

Photo: Dipak Studios.

Making sure everything is on point

The bridal couple just cannot take care of everything. You need to be a part of each and everything as well. The best you can do is, ask the bridal couple to take rest so that they can be their best on their special day, and you can take care everything with their guidence. Do not forget to take the tips and opinion of the bridal couple, because you would want the wedding to be like how they want it, right?

Photo: Dipak Studios.

So, take their opinions, and you can take over everything and make sure that every thing is being perfectly handled. You can also take over the department of selecting and sending the invitations to the required guest list. You can go for The Onion Ink for unique and amazing cards. Sending the guests unique invitation cards would definitely impress them at that very moment!

Invitations: The Onion Ink.

These tips would make you the best bridesmaids ever, and you would not just be complimented by everyone, but also be loved by everyone for all the hard work that you would be doing! Know how you can make remarkable Bridesmaid’s memories. Having all these responsibilities is a big task but make sure that you have amazing fun and make best memories at the same time.

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