How to arrange an eco friendly wedding: 6 ideas

Do you love nature? Are you among those who try to reduce waste and energy? Do you always try to do things in the most environmentally friendly way? If so, you probably are planning on having a green wedding. Here, we will give you 6 brilliant ideas for a simple and effective green wedding.


For environmentally friendly invitations, you can have them printed on seeded paper. That way, when the invite is discarded, it grows a plant. Isn’t that great? You can also opt for digital invites, such as an event page on social media or a video message from you and your partner.

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Food is an essential part of having a green wedding. Make sure your wedding dinner doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Don’t use any kind of plasticware for serving. Make sure that no food is wasted. There are lot of NGOs and volunteers in each city who can gather your leftovers and give it to the poor. What better wedding gift than to give back to your community and help those in need?

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Try to reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling. Bring your friends and relatives in your car along with you. The more the merrier! If your venue is outside of the city, arrange a bus to bring your guests. Guests will be more than happy with this arrangement.

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Since most of your decorations will end up in the trash, try not to use decorations made of plastic. Try to use natural and bio degradable materials. Flowers are always the best decorations. Think pretty and environment friendly!

Credit: Nikhil Arora


You spent a lot of time and money to find your dream wedding dress. Don’t let it sit in the closet eating dust. Sell or rent it to other brides! This way, you can reduce the energy it takes to manufacture new gowns. Let your dress be a dream for someone else!

Credit: Nikhil Arora


Rather than using non-biodegradable wrapping paper, you can use a recyclable material or something reusable like a small bamboo basket with a cover. Instead of buying synthetic clothes for your in laws or relatives, try to go for cotton or silk.

Credit: Nikhil Arora

There are lot of ways you can go green if you think about it. Reducing your impact on the enviromnent on your big day is easy. Start with these steps!

Photo Courtesy : Nikhil Arora | Jude Lazaro

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