The Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Wedding Planner For Your Wedding

Planning your dream wedding can be hectic- and you might need some help. Should you hire a wedding planner? We've debated both sides to help you make an informed choice.

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Congratulations! You just got engaged to the partner of your dreams, and you’re ready to sail off into the sunset together. Well, after you plan your wedding and get married, which begs the big question: is it wise to hire a wedding planner for the event? Zankyou has argued both sides below to help you make an informed decision!



There are definitely more than a few advantages to hiring yourself a wedding planner; we’ve highlighted a few.

Saving Time


One of the biggest reasons to hire someone else to plan your wedding is the time that you’ll save, and can expend towards something else- such as planning your future life, or simply enjoying the pre-wedding bliss. A wedding planner is a professional; you can expect them to be organized and capable of pulling together a grand affair efficiently. This is especially helpful if you’re looking at a short engagement!

They’ve Got An In

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Considering that planning weddings is what they do for a living, wedding planners are bound to have information regarding the latest trends, in addition to having personal relationships with a host of vendors in the industry. This means they can get you special deals you wouldn’t be able to procure yourself. Vandana Mohan of The Wedding Design Company is one such miracle-worker; known for her eye for detail and end-to-end production of weddings- right from design to hospitality.

New, Exciting Ideas

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A lot of couples are looking for innovative ways to make their weddings stand out. A wedding planner would be the perfect idea for this because they come with a host of interesting ideas – things you may have never even thought of. Their experience enables them to execute ideas in a manner that’s in keeping with tradition- if that’s what the family wants- while adding subtle twists here and there. This is useful especially if you’re a bride or groom that has never really been inclined towards wedding planning.

Detail-Orientation for Your Mental Peace

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Most wedding planners take pride in how organized they are, and all of their work is geared to serve only one purpose: your mental peace. Having a planner takes the burden off your shoulders. You can enjoy getting ready for your big day, and can be sure that everything will go off on the main day without a hitch.

Instyle Signature Weddings‘ Ritu Mago puts it aptly, “you’ll save money and keep the stress at bay, since you’ll be hiring a wealth of wisdom and expertise, zeal and passion, a troubleshooter, creative eye, coordinator, support system-  all rolled into one. So just sit back, relax and enjoy your most special moments! No one understands weddings better then the wedding planner!”


While a wedding planner brings in more advantages than disadvantages, there are always two sides to any coin.

Extra Expenses

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A wedding is already a costly affair for most people, and a wedding planner – no matter how resourceful and efficient- becomes another expense on a long list. For couples that have a strict budget for their wedding ceremonies, a wedding planner may not be the best option; that money can be directed toward something else.

Connection: Hit Or Miss

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As with any equation in life, there is a chance you may not hire the right wedding planner for yourself. Their tastes might differ from yours, their suggestions might not be in keeping with your family’s expectations, and they may not understand who you are as a couple. Additionally, they may have a list of vendors with whom they work on a consistent basis; there’s no guarantee those vendors will fit with the vision you had for your wedding. A few do categorically specify that they’re flexible when it comes to vendors, such as FNP Weddings, but it can still be tricky. 

Loss of Intimacy

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For a lot of families, a wedding is an intimate affair, and this includes planning the event. Hiring a wedding planner would get in the way of that, and to some extent, you would have to relinquish control to enable them to do their job in a proper fashion. If you or your family are the kind of people that like being in control, it might be better to forego the wedding planner and do all the heavy lifting yourself.

Which pick would you pick: wedding planner or no wedding planner? Tell us your experience if you’ve worked with one in the comments!


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