How to choose a wedding planner

The decison to choose a wedding planner is not easy but here are some helpful tips for that.

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To choose a wedding planner is just not easy as it sounds. You need to have a quality check done before handling out the check to them. Your planner is the one who is going to take command of your wedding and make sure that everything goes in a good direction and that you’re wedding is the biggest event he has ever planned. While planning out your own wedding, you should defiantly go for a good wedding planner who has an apt knowledge about everything and do not let you take any kind of stress regarding the organization of the whole event. Here are 5 Reasons to hire a co-ordinator for your WeddingSo, before choosing your planner you need to make sure about some points or qualities that you want your planner to possess. If he qualifies this stage then, there you go. You have a wedding planner who is going to make this special day or yours more special. You can judge him on the basis of these major points:

savePhoto: Signatures by Neha(FWP)
Photo: Signatures by Neha(FWP)

His ideas


A planner is the one who is going to lay the sets and the theme and everything on your wedding. He is the one who is going to give life to this event. So, to know his own opinions on wedding is important. Ask him that what he thinks about wedding and how much does he love his profession. The reason behind asking such questions is that, he should not just take wedding as his work but rather as a part of his own life, his passion and something he love doing. If he stands for the later one then he has the right answer to your question. Signatures by Neha(FWP) can be a wise choice to make from the best of wedding planners.

Kind of wedding

There are many types of wedding like, indoor, outdoor, destination wedding, theme wedding and so on. A good wedding planner should know to work in all these types of wedding. You should ask him if he is able to do all such types of weddings or not. You may or may not have yet decided your plan of getting married but having a good planner will make your more concrete on your decision about how you should have your wedding. Also ask him about his special areas of working. You can go for Maan Palace for an exquisite wedding.

savePhoto: Maan Palace
Photo: Maan Palace

How they do it

Some wedding professionals only look after the logistics department and care less about the part where they actually need to work that is, to give your wedding a unique look. A good wedding planner should also be a designer or should have a team of people who looks after this stuff. Their job is to recreate your wedding into a new set and give it a unique theme. They have really great ideas about ways of doing things and mold everything to give them a new look. For example, your wedding may have a different and more convenient seating arrangement; entry of the couple on stage is fascinating and so on. Also give some uniqueness to your wedding cards as well from Unique Scroll Cards.

savePhoto: Unique Scroll Cards.
Photo: Unique Scroll Cards.

Deal with what

Some planners cover the whole part of the wedding including every big and small issues of it while some do not. You should make sure that your wedding planner is looking after every big and small issue so that you can focus on just having a good time in your wedding. Ask them if they look after the issues that are generally encountered during wedding or any kind of chaos happening is managed or not. This is important so that you know that you will not have to look after anything because they will manage everything on their own part. Make your guests happy with lavish food from Hari Ram Babu Caterers Pvt. Ltd.

savePhoto; Hari Ram Babu Caterers Pvt. Ltd.
Photo; Hari Ram Babu Caterers Pvt. Ltd.

While choosing a wedding planner you must also ask them if they receive all the guests with greeting. Everyone will love to be received with pleasure and it will add more beauty to your event. Also read How to loose those extra kilos you have gained over summer.

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