How to loose those extra kilos you have gained over summer

Your weight should never into the way of you being the most beautiful person for him! and the wedding season is approaching, so.

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The very first thing that hit into your mind when you hear the word ‘wedding’ is, dress-up, shopping, make-up and the worst part, to lose some of those extra kilos you have gained during this summer. Every girl has this nightmare of getting fat or getting into any undesirable shape and when it comes to attend some wedding or any other event for that matter, they tend to work out vigorously and go through internet for long hours just to get some pretty helpful tips from our expert on how they can lose some weight while staying healthy and maintain a good skin too. Let’s get some useful and effective tips from Remakers Gym Spa

savePhoto; Knotty Days
Photo; Knotty Days

There is a word ‘diet’ which pops up in the mind that is not all, there are many other thing which you can do to lose weight effectively and at a faster rate. You can take care of your diet even in the wedding time, just go to Chokola for this. You just need to be regular and dedicated towards your step and nobody can ever stop from looking the most perfect lady in the evening. Have some attention to the following points:

Drop smartly

You need to just lose the 10% of your body weight to come out of the ‘overweight’ category. For instance, if you weight 70 kg, you just need to lose about 7 kg to come out of the danger zone and here you are, just perfect. Don’t try to lose too much otherwise, it will not be a wise choice or your body and you may end up being unhealthy. Make a manageable goal, if you are able to lose 1kg in a week just by doing some exercises and keeping a good check on your calories, you can easily lose 10% of your body weight in just 2-3 months without even feeling like. Do not forget to read 7 Tips to make sure your partner keeps loving you.

savePhoto; Knotty Days
Photo; Knotty Days

Walk with dog

If you have a pet dog at your home, your problem is just solved. Make a small change in your daily routine and start taking out your dog for a walk in the morning and evening on daily basis. Doing this with your dog can make you go in the favor court in many ways like, you will get a campaignion with you, you will be able to go out and take some fresh air and genuinely have a good lifestyle, you will be able to digest more effectively, you will not only walk but also play with your dog, which only means burning down of some more calories. You may also like to read How to choose a western dress for your pre-wedding photo shoot

Banish the unhealthy

No matter how much sweat you pour out or how much good food you take in, you will never be able to make any changes in your weight until you completely put a ban on that oily food or snacks you have been eating since all this time. Indian food is made to be made from a large amount of oil and oily pickles, make a change in your eating habits and you will not only do well to your figure but also to your heart and skin. All your cardiac diseases will be prevented and your pimple will never pop out again. Even better for you, no? also learn about 7 Things Girls Should Avoid in Relationship

savePhoto; Knotty Days
Photo; Knotty Days

No cans

Avoid fizzy drinks, they contain a lot amount of sugar in them and can turn out to be a spoiler later. Switch to juice and other healthy drinks instead. Not only these drinks, cut down your love for ice creams and chocolates too. Dark chocolates can be eaten sometimes though, as they are proven to be a good helper in losing weight. Also read How to stay happy and stress-free while planning your wedding.

All black

If you are caffeine loving person, this part is just for you. Turn down tea, go for green tea instead. Don’t go for cold coffee or cappuccino you have been taking in every office break or after the entire tiring day at work. Go for black coffee, it helps burning down the calories more quickly or we can say, acts as a catalyst for that matter. Also, before working out, take a cup of black coffee, it will boost up your energy too. See 15 Signs of a true friendship

Photo; Knotty Days

And after having a look at all these points, don’t forget to have a good healthy diet, intake food made at home, avoid outside food and the most important of all, don’t skip on exercises and do these 6 things to do with your sister before she gets married

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